11 Ways To Shape Up Your House Prior To Selling

The ultimate secret to having a home that sells fast is having a home that someone wants to live in! Here are 11 ways to shape up your house prior to selling, which will help attract favourable offers.

1. Paint Inside - Fresh paint brightens a room, hides imperfections and instantly makes any room look clean and new. Skip bold colours in favour if lighter neutrals colour, such as biege and eggshell. Flashy colours will turn off many buyers, while generic colours appeal to the majority of people.

2. Paint Outside - The outside of your house is the first impression a buyer will get. This curb appeal is important, which means having a nicely painted house is an absolute must, weather permitting. Again, neutral colours are a seller's friend, so save your bold inspiration for your next home.

3. Tidy Outside Clutter - Hide the trash bins, pick up debris and remove any unnecessary clutter. First impressions are lasting, which means you want your home to look its absolute best. Many buyers will subconsciously rule out a home with an unkempt yard before they ever step foot inside.

4. Remove Extras - Furniture, decorations and personal objects can all detract from the attractiveness of a room, making a room look smaller. Buyers tend to favour immaculate homes with big open spaces, so hide away the personal items and store extra furniture and decor.

5. Open Blinds & Drapes - Buyers crave natural light and the more you can give them, the better! Open every blind and curtain to let that beautiful light flood in wherever it can.

6. Turn Off Music - Music sets the tone in a room, and you can't predict the tone buyers want. Turn off the stereo before every showing.

7. Price Properly - The price you set will make or break your sale! For most properties, the majority of the action will occur in the first 2-3 weeks of listing. After that, buyers will lose interest in your home, and any fresh buyers will think there's something wrong with it -- why else would it be on the market for so long? ...Skip all of this by pricing your home right the moment you list it.

8. Clean Carpets - Get your carpets professionally cleaned and your floors polished or waxed before you list your home. These tend to be fairly inexpensive enhancements, but they can greatly improve the appearance of a room!

9. Hire Home Staging - A staging company can work with any room to improve its appearance. The exact placement and choice of furniture makes a significant impact on the appeal of a room. Talk to your agent about home staging companies!

10. Purchase New Towels - Fluffy new towels will make your bathrooms look clean and fresh, and can add instant appeal to a bathroom. Invest a few dollars into show towels and linens!

11. Consider Wallpaper - Much like paint, you'll want to stick to neutral, light colours. But a bit of wallpaper can go a long way in updating the look of your home. Not all buyers love wallpaper though, so keep its use in moderation.

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