How to Use Drones to Showcase Your Home

Posted by Edmonton on Thursday, February 20th, 2020 at 7:31am.

Using a Drone to Sell a HomeUsing drones in real estate is not a new concept. However, there have been some recent changes in exactly how drones are being employed to sell properties. Given the drop in price in the technology, it's opened the possibility of drones to more than just the luxury market. Learn more about why drones are more effective at giving Northeast Edmonton buyers the scope of a home before stepping foot on the property.

The True Scale

It's easy to see why drones would have dominated luxury home marketing. A property with several acres of land and a 12-bedroom home sitting squarely in the middle simply demands to be shot from above. Drones show not just the extent of the property, but also the outdoor amenities (e.g., the deck, a summerhouse, a pond, etc.) that justify the home's asking price.

But today, drones can be used for nearly any sized property. Traditional professional photographs can be used to make spaces look bigger and brighter than they actually are. And while drone footage can (and should) be edited to make the home look as attractive as possible, it's more difficult for buyers to be misled when considering whether to visit a home or not. A drone will capture the totality of the grounds and structure. This gives buyers more confidence if they do choose to visit, and makes them more likely to take the property seriously from right off the bat.

Think Bigger

A property is more than just the material of the roof and the sod in the backyard. Some property owners will highlight the strengths of their neighborhood by including photos of the surrounding sidewalks, roads, and amenities. The grocery store up the street, the recently paved roadways, and an unblemished sidewalk can be huge perks to a Canadian buyer.

Look for an Expert

An expert drone operator not only has the right equipment to canvas the home and neighborhood, they're also aware of regulations in different neighborhoods. The fines for operating a drone at the wrong time of day or in a restricted space can be staggering. A qualified professional will strategize how to portray the home, taking into account both their experience and the buyer's desires. This is a winning combination that can result in a tight and streamlined video or aerial photos that will immediately bond potential buyers to the home.

Don't Overstep

Those who do opt for DIY drone photographs should know the most common regulations in Canada:

  • It is strictly forbidden to fly in a restricted airspace. Those who live anywhere near an airport (whether public or private) will need to be particularly careful when operating their drone equipment.
  • Sellers cannot capture images of people without their permission. This isn't always a major concern if taking footage from far away, but it's worth noting for closeup images.
  • Drones always have to yield to children or animals in the area. Those who aren't familiar with drones may have a difficult time reacting quickly enough in an unexpected situation.

Consulting a real estate agent can help property owners understand more about if and how to use a drone to sell their home. These professionals are well-versed in which aspects are selling in certain neighborhoods, giving clients a leg up in their sale.

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