Edmonton Public Transportation: A Local’s Guide to Using ETS

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Public Transportation in Edmonton

Buying a home in the city of Edmonton, Alberta, may enable a person to live in a vibrant big city. The Edmonton metro area is large, with over 1.4 million people calling it home. As a result, it's easy to see how a long commute home is likely for those working in the city. While traffic can be difficult in the city, several public transportation options are available that may make living here a bit easier to manage. For those thinking about buying one of the luxury homes in the area or purchasing one of the condos just going up, read on to gain insight into Edmonton's public transportation options.

Edmonton Transit Service

Edmonton Transit Service (ETS) is the most common option for getting around Edmonton by bus, light rail, and paratransit. There are many routes available throughout the city. The best way to access them is to use the ETS website to check out the schedules. It is also possible to see all closures and detours that may impact access. Route schedules change often, but there are routes such as these available by bus:

  • Downtown to Capilano to West
  • Westmount to Stadium to East
  • Lewis Farms to Capilano to West
  • LTR Metro Line to North
  • Eaux Claires to Southgate to South

The mapping tool is one of the best ways to plan a trip. The ETS service workers are also good about answering questions, especially since the bus network was redesigned in 2020.

It is also possible to contact ETS for direct service. On Demand Transit is a newer service in the city but provides an essential tool for many in the area. Once a person sets up an account with the ETS, they can log in and book their ride by choosing a pickup location. The shuttle bus or other service vehicle picks up at that time.

For those that need specific or particular help, ETS also offers a paratransit service. This service enables people with special needs to arrange direct transport to and from where they need to go. It is important to call for this information.

Rates for all ETS fares and passes range based on usage. Most often, fares are $3.50, but discounts such as monthly passes and senior annual passes can help to reduce those costs significantly.

Edmonton Transit Service Ticket Costs

  • One-Way: $3.50
  • Tickets (book of 10): $19.75 (ages 24 and under & 65+) / $27.75 (ages 25–64)
  • Monthly Pass: $73 (ages 24 and under) / $100 (ages 25–64) / $35 (ages 65+)

Regional Transit

There are some options to consider for those seeking a train service that runs to cities around Edmonton. Via Rail is one of the options available. There are over 450 train stations available in the country operated by this company, one of them being in Edmonton. Those who use this service can purchase tickets online or through the company's website for fares across the country. Costs range widely based on destination.

Another option is to use Red Arrow, a charter bus service available in the city. Users can book these buses to take themselves and a group of their friends (or not) to various areas. This bus service can be booked for private events, but a number of set routes are also available and used frequently. For example, using this service, users can travel easily between Lethbridge, Red Deer, Calgary, Edmonton, and Fort McMurray. These trips run most days of the week at various times. Costs range based on where a person is travelling and other factors. A trip from Edmonton to Calgary, for example, is $78.30 per adult passenger. Discounts for students, seniors, and children are available.

Taxi and Rideshare

There are rideshare options available in Edmonton. This includes Uber and Lyft services, both of which can be booked using their respective apps. The availability of these services depends significantly on the availability of drivers, locations, and the type of vehicle.

Here are some other types of rideshare and taxi services serving all of Edmonton that may help to provide service for most needs in town and throughout the suburbs.

  • TappCar offers a premium, luxury car service in Edmonton. Users can purchase premium or standard service or choose a van for up to six people—book using the company's app.
  • Blacklane is a luxury vehicle service for one to five people. This service will pick up users wherever they need to go. It can be a good option for special events as well as corporate needs.
  • Yellow Cab provides taxi service in Edmonton. Users can use the app or book on the website for pick-up and drop-off services. It is possible to schedule in advance or simply when needed.

These services charge rates that range widely based on locations travelled, number of people, and the type of vehicle selected. Most have a quote tool to provide more insight when the ride is needed.


Edmonton also provides options for e-scooters. Lime, Spin, and Bird are three providers of this service in the city. In short, users can rent a scooter to use around town for as many hours as they like. They return the scooter when completed. These are electric scooters, which means they are clean energy ways to get around.

The rates of these services range, but costs are available in the company's apps. Most of the time, there is a fee to unlock the e-scooter. From there, the scooters charge a fee per minute or hour of use. Most of the time, there are numerous stations available to drop off the scooter when finished with it. This is a fast and convenient way to navigate the city without having to worry about driving in Edmonton. Generally speaking, these are reliable options during warmer weather and may not always be available during the winter months due to rough conditions.

Getting Around Edmonton, AB Is Easy

For those seeking information about the community they plan to live in, having an idea about the area's best public transportation is important. In Edmonton, plenty of people commute into the city from the various subdivisions and Edmonton's most popular neighbourhoods, and doing so by one of these methods can be easier to manage.

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