How to Downsize Before a Move

Posted by Edmonton on Thursday, September 20th, 2018 at 8:37am.

Top Things to Throw Away Before You MoveWhen a couple is getting ready to buy and move to a smaller home, it can be hard to decide what stuff to keep and what to give away. This guide can help people identify a few types of clutter that they can part with without feeling regret:

Unused Kitchen Gadgets

Many people tend to pick up more kitchen equipment than they will ever use. When preparing for a move, aspiring downsizers should take careful note of which implements they reach for most. Any that do not get used regularly should be donated.

Rarely Worn Clothes and Shoes

Large collections of rarely used items plague many people's bedroom closets, as well. Crafting capsule wardrobes with small, high quality collections of related objects can help cut down on possessions that do not add value.

Excess Linens

Sheets, towels and extra comforters are great for guests but bad for smaller spaces. Those getting ready to downsize should go over their collections and get rid of the items that do not add value. These can include excessively worn towels, unmatched sheets and comforters or quilts that are only used a couple of times a year. Any linens that are too worn to donate to a thrift store can be, instead, donated to an animal shelter or to an organization that does fibre recycling.

Any Furniture That Doesn't Serve a Purpose

Many small pieces of furniture are purchased to fit a space instead of a purpose. Ones that do not add value in the form of storage or as a workspace are candidates for donation. It is also a good idea to consider parting with any cheap or poorly made items before a move. These will likely prove more expensive and troublesome to move than to purchase again.

Each person's list of must-saves and must-donates will be highly individual. However, the more ruthlessly a person can cut possessions before moving to a Central Edmonton home, the more open and freer their space will feel in their new, downsized home.

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