How do you Know if a Condo is a Better Choice for You than a House?

Posted by Edmonton on Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015 at 11:06am.

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Finding a condo in Edmonton instead of a home isn't for everybody, but it's a good idea for some. Before you start hunting for your new home, you will want to understand if a condo is right for you. Here are some signs you may want to find a condo in Edmonton.


In some cases, your budget will allow you to afford more of a condo than a house. You may be able to get a larger place to live for a lower price compared to a single-family home. If your budget allows for more space in a condo, it may be a good idea.

Not into Maintenance

A home will require maintenance, such as mowing the lawn and shovelling the driveway. However, a condo will not require the same type of maintenance. You won't have to do much of anything, which means you won't have to spend your time dealing with maintenance.

The Location

If you want to live in the downtown Edmonton area or another neighbourhood dominated by condos, you may be better off with a condo. Some neighbourhoods don't provide many single-family homes, but do provide plenty of condo buildings. Make sure you understand this before you shop in the neighbourhood right for you.


Many condo buildings provide amenities, such as a fitness centre, pool and other things you may want to enjoy. These amenities are not always port of a community with homes. If you want to enjoy amenities with your new home, a condo may be the right choice.

There are plenty of homes and condos found throughout Edmonton. Before you start shopping for your new home, make sure you know what you need and want out of a house or a condo.

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