How to Create a Practical Moving Timeline

Posted by Edmonton on Thursday, February 8th, 2018 at 8:59am.

Five Stages Homeowners Need for a Moving PlanThe one thing everyone understands about moving is that it can take a long time to prepare. Making an effort to do it properly could save a lot of hassle. With these tips, home sellers can plan to move by performing tasks in an ideal order.

Planning and Preparation: 6-8 Weeks Before

Getting ready to move is best done with at least 2-3 months of advance notice. Although not every Westmount household gets this much time to prepare, taking opportunities as they come will make sure that the last few weeks are less frantic. In the beginning, homeowners can start to shift the balance from selling to moving. Creating a moving plan that is easy for everyone in the house to follow will make it easier to maintain over time. It is wise to start with a list of things to pack, as well as other jobs that must be completed before moving day.

Scheduling the Move: 4-6 Weeks Before

Although moving from one place to another may feel like one big action, in truth, there are many steps that may need to be done in tandem to avoid any interruption of services or inconvenience after the move. With several weeks left, home sellers should:

  • create a formal date for moving
  • arrange for professional moving services, if needed
  • set up services at the new home
  • transfer insurance, medical, and school records to the new location

Since much of the last month will be occupied by packing, this is also a good time to go through belongings and donate or throw away anything that will not be going to the new home.

Packing: 2-4 Weeks Before

The undeniable truth about packing is that it usually takes longer than expected, with more boxes. As such, homeowners should invest plenty of time to pack everything they want to move, and provide enough boxes, tape, and other packing equipment. Experts recommend limiting heavier items to smaller boxes, so that the boxes are not too heavy to move once they are fully loaded. Each box should be clearly labeled with the contents and location where the box will be placed in the new home.

Cleaning and Repairs: 1-2 Weeks Before

Once the items in the home start to clear out from the living spaces, it is time to consider cleaning and any necessary repairs that need to happen before homeowners can transfer ownership of their homes to a buyer. For some repairs, it may require a professional's help as opposed to being DIY. Staging boxes and storage bins in empty rooms that do not require a lot of work will free up space in other parts of the home. Basic cleaning can occur while there is still a lot of furniture in the home. Certain aspects, such as carpet cleaning or professional cleaning of bathrooms and kitchens, should happen after nearly everything has been removed.

Last-Minute Tasks: Final Week

Optimistically, the last week can be reserved for all the last-minute obligations. People who started to pack and prepare well in advance should simply stay the course and keep working toward moving day. Home sellers can pack the items they need the most at the very end, ensuring that they are the first boxes off the moving truck. Keeping a checklist of the most crucial belongings and the last tasks to complete will reduce the likelihood that something gets forgotten.

Moving the contents of one home to another takes weeks of hard work, sweat, and determination. By following this moving timeline, home sellers can avoid confusion on both sides.

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