Tools for Home Buyers: Must-Have Tools to Buy Now

Posted by Edmonton on Wednesday, November 27th, 2019 at 7:30am.

Tools You Should Own to Take Care of Your New HomeAre you buying a Fort Saskatchewan home sometime in the next few months? If so, then you'll need some good tools on hand. If you've been a renter up to this point, you probably have a few random screw drivers, but landlords have likely been doing home maintenance for you. Now is the time for you to buy some tools that will help you take care of your yard and assist you through the move-in process.

Power Drill

Power drills are useful for putting shelves up on walls, installing curtain rods and hanging heavy items like big mirrors. Power drills are relatively inexpensive and can shave half an hour or more off a task, depending on what that task is. Homeowners who want to assemble structures like a back yard deck or a swing set for children may also benefit from a power drill. Read customer reviews before making a purchase, as some drills are better quality than others.

Measuring Tape

Measuring tape is possibly one of the most critical tools a person needs when moving into a new house, as the measuring tape makes it possible to measure doorways, windows and rooms. This is important when buying furniture, curtains and blinds. Buy a few different kinds of measuring tape, including one that's large and heavy duty, and a small one that fits in the car.

Screw Driver Set

For a person moving into their first house, it's important to have a set of screw drivers, with different points and in different sizes. Look for a screw driver set that includes hex screwdrivers, which can be useful when assembling furniture.

Nails, Screws, Anchors

There's no limit to the amount of nails, screws and anchors that a person needs once they move into their first house. A well-prepared home buyer will have a variety of screws, nails and anchors in many sizes for everyday use. These tools will come in handy when trying to hang pictures and decorate walls.

Yard Gloves and Yard Tools

Yard work goes hand in hand with owning a home. Most people need yard gloves and yard tools for this. It's helpful to have a variety of yard tools like small shovels and a rake. Bigger tools like a lawn mower will also be important, unless the homeowner plans to hire a lawn care service.

If you're a homeowner who would like to make your home buying and moving in process a success, purchase yourself some tools before the close of escrow. Having these items on hand when it's time to move in will make the experience of purchasing a home that much better.

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