Home Buying Process

Home buying process

One of the best ways to ensure that you end up with a real estate investment you're proud and happy to own is to do your research and stay educated in the home buying process.

With the help of a real estate expert that research will be made much easier; you'll be able to rely on their expert knowledge of the local market and home buying process. To start, we've outlined the following "need to know" highlights:

Learning The Market

Use our comprehensive website to search for specific homes you're interested in, or try our mortgage calculator, and browse nearby properties to get an understanding of local comparables. Our Buyers Guide can also give you resources and tips, and if that's not enough your local library or bookstore are great resources for general information on homebuying.

Dialogue With Your Agent

Sit down with us when you're ready to start looking at buying a home. We can work with you on a custom plan tailored to help you reach your specific real estate goals. Meeting with an agent is an important first step for buyers and one that is imperative if you want your agent to understand your goals and be on the same page in terms of achieving your priorities.

Creating A Plan For Payment

Knowing your budget and financial plan at the beginning is key to a smooth journey to home ownership. Know your options, and learn about recommended money lenders with our help. As well-established agents in the local market, we have developed strong relationships with expert lenders. From traditional banks to mortgage brokers and creative financing options, you need the right strategy and we'll offer assistance to help you find it.

The Dream-House Hunt Begins!

Get ready for an adventure, because now you can start exploring your ideal home options online and up close. Our comprehensive website listings will help you narrow down the areas, and the options for you to start looking, based on on your established plan. Bookmark your favourite properties and and let us know when you're ready for tours. We can pre-approve the properties you have your eye on and schedule walkthroughs at a time of your convenience.

Pro Tip: If you would like to stay up to date on all currently available listings you can register with us and gain exclusive access to new listings that match your specific search parameters—as soon as they enter the market!

A Written Offer

Once you've found the home that meets all of your needs (and hopefully more!) we'll be your guide for buying and manoeuver you through the process. There's a number of important factors at this point that the property must pass through; a due diligence that will give you full insight into the home that will determine your subsequent actions.

These include: property research, like selling history, to the terms that make up the contract and the conditions that are clauses in the contract which must be fulfilled. To write an offer, you will also need a deposit and an offer price. Our job as agents is to put this whole package together and present it to the seller, being the point person and the negotiating expert to finalize a happy result from both sides.

The Final Sale

Your offer has been accepted! Congratulations, but it's not quite time for the celebrations. You'll first need to satisfy the conditions of the offer, which generally include such factors as a home inspection, and obtaining information from your money lenders. We'll do the footwork to ensure all the pieces come together and when the conditions are fulfilled the property is officially sold. Now it's time to pop the bubbly!

Gearing Up For Move In Day

Possession usually occurs between one to two months, sometimes quicker, so it's important to be organized! We'll ensure that all necessary post-sale aspects of closing are in place including information for layers and payment of fees, the down payment on the house, the organization of movers, utilities set up, mailing address information and all the little but important and necessary details.

Next Steps

On the day that you arrive to the property to take ownership, we'll meet with you for a final walkthrough of the home and make sure all is according to contract. We're checking to ensure that no damage has been done during moving, and ensure all is working as it should be. This is a significant final step because if there are problems, lawyers can be notified for an appropriate course of action. Otherwise, once the keys are in your hands the onus is on you to remedy any problems.

If you ever have questions once you've moved in, we are more than happy to assist; we're not just about making the sale. We're about building relationships based on trust and are accountable and available to all our clients before, during and after the home buying process.

Questions? Let us know, this is just a brief overview of the Home Buying Process; if you want a more thorough understanding of the process Contact us anytime for more information, tips or advice about buying in Edmonton!

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