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3 Common Home Safety HazardsCanadian homeowners may not know the dangers that lurk within their own home. Recognizing potential issues can help occupants create a safer environment, preventing possible injuries and more. Explore the 3 most common home safety hazards today.

Obstacles Resulting in Falls

Older adults are particularly susceptible to falling and as a consequence, breaking bones or suffering from a head injury. Residents living in older homes may need to take steps to avoid this common household hazard. Entrances need to be well-lit, with clutter eliminated from walkways and high-traffic areas. Check that railings for steps are secure and pathways have good traction. Aside from removing debris from outdoor steps, it is also important to avoid the use of throw

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Does Your Home Have Pet Damage? 4 Repairs You Need To CompleteIn Canada, about 67% of households own at least one pet—that’s millions of homes with furry, feathery, or scaly friends. That’s a lot of pets, and, as all pet owners know, a lot of potential damage that can be done to a home. When preparing to sell a home, it’s important to try to reduce as much of that damage as possible because buyers typically don’t like to buy homes, especially in a hot housing market, that require a lot of fixing unless they’re specifically looking for a fixer-upper. Here are some of the different damage types pets tend to cause and how to fix them.

Scratched or Stained Wood Floors

When dogs, especially big dogs, run through a home to chase after a toy, their nails can cause a lot of damage to floors. And in the event of

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Home Security Information for HomeownersAt some point or another, many homeowners must decide whether they should get a home security system. This decision can have a big impact on a homeowner's quality of life and might even help sell a home for more money. Understanding the differences between the major types of security systems, and knowing the benefits of each, can help you decide whether a security system is right for you.

Why Get a Home Security System?

Home security systems offer peace of mind to homeowners. After a break-in, many homeowners spend months or years trying to feel comfortable in their own home again. Home security systems can help prevent this problem from occurring, and can also help homeowners feel safe in their own home.

Some types of home security

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Avoid Health Issues with Mould Home RemediationIs it safe to live in a home with obvious signs of mould? From a musty smell to unsightly discoloration, mould should be a concern for any homeowner. Mould problems may even appear in new construction homes. While most people think they should only be concerned about toxic mould, the non-toxic variety can cause multiple problems for occupants and property owners. Understand why it is necessary to address mould in a home today.

The Surprising Health Hazard

According to Health Canada, mould growth that occurs indoors is considered to be a significant health hazard. Mould growth in a home has been related to asthma and respiratory allergy symptoms. Mould often occurs in basements and bathrooms, but can also develop in hard to reach areas such as

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How Credit Scores Can Influence Home BuyingRenters may think that they are finally in the position to buy their first home, looking forward to enjoying many benefits with their first home, including the ability to establish equity and make upgrades to a property to better meet specific needs. Families often appreciate the ability to have pets, entertain in their backyard and spend quality time as they see fit in and around their property.

However, the path to homeownership may not be easy. It is important to be financially ready to buy. Even with a sizable down payment, the majority of potential buyers will need to take out a home mortgage loan from a reputable lender. Credit scores and credit history are important factors influencing the approval process. A good credit score may also be

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Is the Construction Industry Going Green?For a while, it may have seemed as though the construction industry was one that didn't react to the new trends of the day. Modern or green technology may have been used by a few select companies, but most seemed to rely on the tried and true methods that had served them so well for so long.

Today, sustainable technology is starting to see more adoption across the industry (even if not every company is flocking to it with the same enthusiasm). The resounding call for smarter and more sustainable building methods has been heard by developers, builders, and manufacturers alike. It's time to see which trends are garnering the attention for a better chance at predicting the housing market of tomorrow.

All-Natural Materials

A volatile organic

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Make a Personal Statement with Home LightingEffective lighting for every room in the home is a goal that can best be accomplished by starting with an overall plan for electrical service. Today, however, the preponderance of high-tech devices, low-voltage options, integrated smart technology and automation have created a whole new landscape of needs. Multiple lighting options encompass everything from 220 to 12 volt, as well as familiar 120-volt AC, LED bulbs and flexible lighting strips. The growing popularity of specialty lights and devices in the home might require low-voltage integrators, wireless integration, motion or voice activation and compatibility with home hubs and smart devices. Great lighting also may help sell homes for a higher prices.

Lighting specialists recommend looking

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Some simple steps can help new homeowners avoid common mistakes when securing homeowner's insurance.Buying a new home is one of the most complicated purchases consumers may make in their entire lifetimes. It is complicated by the fact that it happens relatively rarely over the course of time, and homebuyers develop little skill in the aspects involved.

One of the most common decisions associated with purchasing a home is acquiring the appropriate amount and type of homeowners insurance. This, too, is often done infrequently as homeowners will often secure insurance at the time of purchasing their home, and unless they have a claim, will tend to forget about it. This is particularly true if the insurance premium is included along with the mortgage and/or bundled with property tax payments. Policies become “invisible” to consumers until they

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Plan for the Cash Needed to Close When Buying a New HomeFirst-time home buyers are sometimes surprised by the additional costs that are involved in purchasing real estate. The actual amount of upfront and settlement charges seems to mount steadily, and the total can add up to between two and four percent of the home's purchase price, in addition to required down payment. Some charges and fees are unavoidable, even if the buyer pays cash.

Even though some costs are standardized, others vary widely from one area to another. By having a sense of the funds needed, determining a budget and approaching a lender for a mortgage are simplified. Some fees must be paid in advance, while other charges can be rolled into the loan and repaid over the long term. Some charges are pro-rated between seller and buyer

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Tips for Selling During a Buyer's MarketSellers who are getting ready to let go of their property first have to determine what type of market they're in. In primary markets, it's clear that sellers have an advantage. In others, the upper hand goes straight to the buyer. There are a number of ways to spot a buyer's market even if sellers aren't real estate experts—For Sale signs sit out for months, abandoned homes are common, and valuations continue to drop every year. But sellers can still exercise control, even when their prospects seem dire.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

Getting Ready to Sell Your Home

One of the smartest things a seller can do is manage their own

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