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Amenities for Golf Course Homes

Golf course communities provide the perfect balance of luxury living and recreation. These homes offer beautiful interior design and accessories, but every home can benefit from adding private outside amenities to provide a setting for relaxation and gatherings. Luxury amenities will also enhance the resale value of the property.

Handy homeowners will be able to install many of these amenities themselves. Still, consulting with a professional to understand product options and support services after purchase is always helpful. Because cold winters are typical in Canada, it is vital to consider energy-saving features and make specific components that will hold up during the winter months. Read on to discover five private amenities every golf course

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Best Edmonton Golf Course Communities

Edmonton has a lot of charm and beauty to it, from the historic buildings in the heart of the city to the numerous cultural experiences. There's plenty to do outdoors, too, including exploring the river valley, ample parkland, and fantastic Edmonton golf courses, including public courses and private clubs. Edmonton's long summer days make it easy to spend at least a few hours on the greens, and some of these courses become cross-country skiing and skating locations in the winter months.

Wouldn't it be excellent to live near the course year-round? Not only is it fun to have easy access to the course, but the greens also make a beautiful backdrop to see out the window. If you've been convinced of the many reasons to live in a golf course community,

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Best Lakes in Edmonton

Famous for outdoor fun, the city of Edmonton is lucky to be within reasonable driving distance of some of the best lakes in Alberta. Many lakes and park recreation areas are closed during the winter months, so May through October is the peak time for residents who want to get out and enjoy some Edmonton water activities. Boating, kayaking, fishing, camping and other adventures await near Edmonton. Keep reading to learn about the best Alberta lakes near Edmonton.

Goldeye Lake

The Goldeye Lake Campground is about a three-hour drive from the Southeast Edmonton area. The park has 44 unserviced campsites near the lake, with a few large enough to accommodate an RV. It costs $28 to reserve a campsite on a first-come, first-serve basis. There are dry

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Best Golf Courses in Edmonton

There may not be anything quite like the experience of playing golf in Edmonton. Spending time outdoors on the green and fairways taking in the beautiful sights and nature is almost as enjoyable as perfecting the game. The homes in Edmonton are close to numerous golf courses that welcome golfers of all skill levels. Keep reading to learn about the best golf courses in and around Edmonton.

Victoria Golf Course

Victoria Golf Course is the oldest city-run course in Canada. It was initially developed in 1896, which is even before the founding of the city itself. This course is versatile, offering options ideal for beginners and those with moderate skills. It's located in the river valley, which creates an incredible outdoor experience.

This public

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How to Garden During WinterFor many gardening enthusiasts, the end of the fall can be the close of the gardening season or the start of a new one. Winter gardening is a different hobby in many ways because it requires a unique selection of plants and a varying approach to handling the effects of the climate. Of course, homeowners who live in mild climates may benefit from year-round gardening, but those who live in colder regions can, as well. By taking a careful approach to choosing plants and protecting them from the weather, gardening enthusiasts can benefit from a beautiful, productive winter garden. Keep reading for tips on creating and maintaining a winter garden.

Table of Contents

  • Factors to Consider Before Winter Gardening
    • Time & Ability
    • Space &
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Best Suburbs Near Edmonton, AB

Those considering moving to Edmonton likely have a lot on their minds. One of the most important is where to live. While many love the hustle and bustle surrounding Edmonton homes for sale, others prefer the slower pace and extra space of its many vibrant suburbs. Each has its unique personality and offers different advantages to would-be residents. Keep reading to learn about the best eight suburbs of Edmonton.

St. Albert

St. Albert Amenities

  • Diverse real estate offerings
  • More than 100 parks and playgrounds, plus an outdoor trail system
  • Public library
  • Recreation centers

Located northwest of Edmonton, St. Albert is one of the city's largest suburbs, with more than 65,000 residents. It was founded in the 1860s by

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Edmonton Best Master-Planned Neighborhoods

There are many things Edmonton, Alberta, is known for, including being the province's capital. It's a popular tourist destination, has a recognized food scene, and offers great cultural attractions. A look at any of the best neighbourhoods in Edmonton will reveal that the area is rich in activities, amenities, and beautiful parks. For people interested in the Edmonton homes for sale, it is a good idea to take a closer look at the master-planned communities here. Master-planned communities are typically designed to be integrated with exciting amenities such as walking trails, parks, commercial areas, and more. Sound like the perfect lifestyle? Keep reading to learn all about the best master-planned communities in and around Edmonton.


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Best Edmonton Suburbs Near Edmonton  International Airport

Edmonton, the capital city of Alberta, has a population of about 1 million people, and its metropolitan area has a population of about 1.5 million. Edmonton International Airport opened on Nov. 15, 1960, with an arch hangar as its first terminal. It is a hub for Northern Alberta and Northern Canada and offers non-stop service to major cities in North America, Central America, and Europe. It handles about 8 million passengers a year. The airport is located approximately 26 kilometres south/southwest of downtown, and the Edmonton real estate market offers several towns with convenient proximity to the airport. Keep reading to learn about the three suburbs of Edmonton that are closest to the airport.

Leduc: 6 Kilometres from EIA

Leduc Amenities

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How to Choose Window Treatments For Your HomeChoosing window treatments is a periodic need for homeowners. When they buy the home, it is common to choose window coverings for style and privacy. Styles and preferences change over time, so people may decide to update window treatments at that time. Although designs tend to coordinate with trends, many window coverings offer a timeless look that can last for decades. People have the ability to tailor their selections on function, room, style, and the needs of their household. By keeping these factors in mind, homeowners will understand what types of window treatments are available and how to choose the ideal ones for each space. Read on to learn all about the functions and styles of window treatments and get a few ideas of where to start.

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Schools and School Districts in Edmonton

As of 2021, the Edmonton metro area has a population of nearly 1.5 million residents. With so many people moving to Edmonton, it's no surprise that there are abundant educational opportunities in this large, modern city. Edmonton used to be known primarily as an oil and gas city, but the diversified Edmonton economy that has expanded since the 1990s now includes a robust tech sector and increasing educational opportunities. People looking to buy homes in Edmonton might be interested in learning more about the school in the area. Keep reading for a complete guide to the public schools, private institutions, and universities in Edmonton.

Public School Districts Serving Edmonton

Edmonton School District Number 7, also known simply as Edmonton Public

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