December 2017

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Energy Efficient Upgrades Worth the InvestmentThere are many home renovation projects and upgrades which can make a home more comfortable for homeowners. However, the return on investment is not equal across the board and may even differ depending upon the community in which the energy efficient home resides in. With all of the talk out there, Canadian homeowners are hard-pressed to decide which energy efficient upgrades are truly worth their time. One constant for Canadian homeowners is paying those utility bills, which can cost up to $2,234 any given year. Which projects may serve to cut those regular energy bills and potentially boost home value?

There are more eco-friendly homebuyers than ever before for homeowners that choose to take on projects to improve their energy use. Understand

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Should You Buy a Fixer Upper?There are a lot of shows these days that revolve around purchasing fixer-upper properties. Because of this, there are a lot of people who have started jumping into the real estate business by trying to purchase a fixer-upper. The problem is that it is not the right thing for everyone. Before anyone purchases a fixer-upper property, they need to make sure that it is the right move for them. Taking the time for this step can help save money along the way and ensure success if one does decide to purchase a fixer-upper.

Make Sure You Can Afford the Property and the Renovations

Unlike when you first buy a home, when you purchase a fixer-upper, you need to make sure that you cannot only afford to purchase the property but you also can afford to

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