March 2017

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One of Edmonton’s loveliest mid-century neighbourhoods is Laurier Heights on the western bank of the North Saskatchewan River Valley.  The location of this mature neighbourhood with its tidy bungalows, split-levels and rejuvenated 1950s homes just can’t be beat.  Many residences offer wonderful views of the valley in the Buena Vista area of the neighbourhood.  Close to nature and Edmonton’s Valley Zoo but equally close to Edmonton’s downtown core and just across the valley from the University of Alberta.

The average home price in Laurier Heights is $850,000 with some lovely properties available for just under $500,000 and other exceptional properties with views and wide lots in the $1.6 million range.   Selection in this neighbourhood is often very

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Did you know that two thirds of the Canadian population live out in the suburbs? Ever since suburbs became a "thing" in post-World War II North America, these sprawling neighbourhoods have served a purpose — providing roomy yet affordable housing for Canadian families.

A new report issued by the Institute for Research on Public Policy published that statistic and went further to say that Canadian seniors represent at least 16% of our population and a large majority live in suburbs. By choice, most likely, as many moved to a suburban neighbourhood in Edmonton when they had growing families and are now attached to their home, no matter how isolated they are and no matter how mobile or immobile they have become. The thought of selling their Edmonton home

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What is a multi family home? Townhome developments, apartment-style condos, stacked townhouses — whatever type of multi family real estate you choose to buy, there are tremendous benefits to be found. You may have the funds to purchase a single-family home. You might be selling your detached home and are pondering your next move. Give a townhome some consideration because there are far more benefits than a good price and a good location.

Townhomes started to appear in Edmonton neighbourhoods in the late 1960's and today's new construction townhomes are available in many attractive price ranges.

Multi-Family Units are Affordable

Edmonton townhomes are affordable, as multi-family homes just don't cost as much to build as a single-family home. Each

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