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Important Considerations When Renting or BuyingAt some point in nearly everyone's life, they ask themselves the age-old question: should they rent or buy a home? This is, of course, an extremely personal decision in which there is no standard answer. What works for one person's situation won't necessarily be the best choice for someone else—even if they have similar circumstances. The following checklist provides some things to consider when teasing out the pros and cons of the buy or rent dilemma.


The "buy or rent?" question often seems to arise when an individual envisions settling down and establishing roots somewhere. For many, this occurs when they marry or find a life partner. Others don't feel the pull to put down roots unless they have children. In terms of stability,

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How to Stage a Home to SellIn terms of selling a home, the way it shows to prospective buyers can make the difference between someone displaying more interest or marking it off their list of possibilities completely. Many of the tips below require a homeowner to look at their home in an objective light. Indeed, the ability to put oneself in the shoes of a buyer is a good mindset to be in when gearing up for a home showing.

1. Put Away Personal Items

Many homeowners find it difficult to part with or move their personal belongings out of the home in order to show it, especially if they are still living in it. It can even seem to make a bit of sense not to do so because it might show prospective home buyers how their personal items could look in the house. Most experts

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What to Know About Interior Paint Before SellingScuffed walls can make a home look a little worn and dark, which is why many home sellers often think about painting their home before putting it on the market. These tips will help you through the painting process, so that your home's new interior paint appeals to the most buyers and helps to boost your Summerside home's property value.

Do: Pick A Neutral Colour

Neutrals like brown, cream, white and gray, may not be exciting, but they're easy to live with and can match a range of different furniture types. Painting your home's interior in neutral colours is a good way to appeal to a wide variety of buyers.

To make painting your home's interior easy, pick one colour and paint that colour in every room. Beige, cream or gray are all acceptable

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How to Prepare for a Home ShowingSo, your home is on the market and tomorrow you'll be showing to buyers. Hopefully you've performed a good deep cleaning in the recent past, and your home is still looking pretty good. Now all you need to do is clean up some of the day to day clutter and the superficial dirt that can build up on household surfaces. These quick, easy steps will help you prepare your home for a showing in the next 24 hours.

Do A Quick Cleaning

Most buyers won't inspect every surface or dark corner of your house, so this superficial cleaning doesn't need to be perfect. Just getting rid of the most obvious signs of dirt should be good enough.

  • Wipe down sinks and shower with a wipe or a wet rag.
  • Clean the inside and back of the toilet.
  • Sweep under the
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