October 2016

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Canadians have an almost cult fascination with coffee. There are two or three famous franchise coffee spots on any given block, but a new type of corner café is brewing in Edmonton. The independent coffee shop — the next generation or third-wave in pop-culture java.

Coffee as Art

Coffee Bureau, located at 10505 Jasper Avenue in the Edmonton neighbourhood of Rossdale, is just one shop in an eclectic line-up of indie cafes in the city's downtown coffee district. This independent coffee house is owned and operated by Peter West who says his customers appreciate good coffee in the same way that others appreciate a fine glass of wine. He picked the location because he believed that there was sufficient pedestrian traffic and people working in offices

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The area affectionately known as Hardisty in the city’s south east is a familiar one to Edmontonians.  The Hardisty name is rooted in 19th century Hudson’s Bay Company folklore. Richard Hardisty was the city’s first postmaster and Hudson Bay Factor. The Hardisty family home, the first structure built outside the fort, stands on the grounds of the provincial legislature.

You might not find this neighbourhood listed on a map if you go looking as Hardisty is a phantom community and is actually comprised of a few other established neighbourhoods.

Fulton Place, Forest Heights, Gold Bar, Capilano and Terrace Heights are communities within the accepted district known to locals as Hardisty.  It’s bordered by 101 Avenue on the south, 106 Avenue to the north,

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Buying a home on your own?  It’s all about lifestyle.  From the size and design of your home to the neighbourhood in which you live.  You want single-friendly, affordable and fun and Edmonton can definitely deliver.

What Singles Want

Single buyers are in a league of their own.  The lifestyle has a faster pace and singles are busy. Single have only themselves to organize and take care of.  Staying active is a priority so proximity to fitness amenities in a condo building or local gym is a priority.  Coffee shops, restaurants and nightlife is important.  And increasingly, so are bike trails, bike lanes and walkable neighbourhoods.  Inner-city communities in Edmonton offer that connected, urban vibe that many singles want.  However, some of Edmonton’s

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Having a room-mate is not a new concept.  It’s a way of sharing a space and sharing expenses and for some, it’s the only way they can afford to live especially when they’re just starting out in life.

Sharing not only a home but a mortgage with someone who is not a relative or a spouse/partner is another alternative for young people who want to buy a home but find it difficult to do it on their own.

Reasons to co-buy in Edmonton

When people pool their resources they have more power to get in on a good property.  A larger home, a home in a great neighbourhood or an historic property with excellent potential. 

An RBC Home Ownership Poll conducted this year, 24% of younger buyers would likely consider purchasing a home with a relative.  This is in

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