March 2019

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How Credit Scores Can Influence Home BuyingRenters may think that they are finally in the position to buy their first home, looking forward to enjoying many benefits with their first home, including the ability to establish equity and make upgrades to a property to better meet specific needs. Families often appreciate the ability to have pets, entertain in their backyard and spend quality time as they see fit in and around their property.

However, the path to homeownership may not be easy. It is important to be financially ready to buy. Even with a sizable down payment, the majority of potential buyers will need to take out a home mortgage loan from a reputable lender. Credit scores and credit history are important factors influencing the approval process. A good credit score may also be

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Is the Construction Industry Going Green?For a while, it may have seemed as though the construction industry was one that didn't react to the new trends of the day. Modern or green technology may have been used by a few select companies, but most seemed to rely on the tried and true methods that had served them so well for so long.

Today, sustainable technology is starting to see more adoption across the industry (even if not every company is flocking to it with the same enthusiasm). The resounding call for smarter and more sustainable building methods has been heard by developers, builders, and manufacturers alike. It's time to see which trends are garnering the attention for a better chance at predicting the housing market of tomorrow.

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