January 2022

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Reasons to Live in a Golf Community

Living in a golf course community can be a thrill for those who love the sport. Not only do those who reside in these distinctive neighbourhoods have immediate access to opportunities to play the game, but they appreciate living near others who appreciate the links-focused lifestyle.

Golf course communities can also be a great place to live for those not into the game, as there are other perks for residents beyond the game itself. Here are five reasons why buyers can hit a hole in one by buying a golf course community home.

Golf Course Homes Offer Prime Views

This prime real estate offers homeowners immaculate views and scenic surroundings. Imagine glancing out the window and seeing players take on the challenge of gently rolling greens as

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Best Edmonton Golf Course Communities

Edmonton has a lot of charm and beauty to it, from the historic buildings in the heart of the city to the numerous cultural experiences. There's plenty to do outdoors, too, including exploring the river valley, ample parkland, and fantastic Edmonton golf courses, including public courses and private clubs. Edmonton's long summer days make it easy to spend at least a few hours on the greens, and some of these courses become cross-country skiing and skating locations in the winter months.

Wouldn't it be excellent to live near the course year-round? Not only is it fun to have easy access to the course, but the greens also make a beautiful backdrop to see out the window. If you've been convinced of the many reasons to live in a golf course community,

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Best Lakes in Edmonton

Famous for outdoor fun, the city of Edmonton is lucky to be within reasonable driving distance of some of the best lakes in Alberta. Many lakes and park recreation areas are closed during the winter months, so May through October is the peak time for residents who want to get out and enjoy some Edmonton water activities. Boating, kayaking, fishing, camping and other adventures await near Edmonton. Keep reading to learn about the best Alberta lakes near Edmonton.

Goldeye Lake

The Goldeye Lake Campground is about a three-hour drive from the Southeast Edmonton area. The park has 44 unserviced campsites near the lake, with a few large enough to accommodate an RV. It costs $28 to reserve a campsite on a first-come, first-serve basis. There are dry

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