April 2018

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How to Create the Right Ambiance With the Right StagingNo matter how special a home is to the seller, a successful home sale always starts with seeing the home through the buyer's eyes. And the trends for Canadian buyers are clear—they're looking for practical touches over luxury when they start off on the buying process. The best way to offer home buyers the best view of any property is through good staging. Here are some effective methods to highlight a home's practical touches and biggest selling points.

Start Outside

Hedges, fences, yards, flower beds—buyers have a tendency to make their first impression carry them all the way through the rest of the showing. If the outside is a mess, it sends a strong message to the buyer that the seller is either willing to part with their home for

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Easy Landscaping Tips for Hearty Grass and PlantsBeautifully green grass and shrubs accented by lovely flowers and plants can make a yard truly stand out. While having hearty lawns and landscaping plants requires effort to maintain, these basic landscaping tips can help Beaumont homeowners boast a healthy and attractive yard year round.

Mowing Tips for Healthy Grass

First and foremost, avoid mowing when it's wet, as the lawn clippings that remain are heavy and can smother healthy grass. Break out the mower on dry days and mow the grass to an ideal level of 2.5 to 3 inches or 6 to 8 cm to help its root system get stronger and make the lawn thicker. Always mow with a sharp blade, which allows for easier recovering of the grass for owners who want to use some as compost for other plants.

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