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Common Characteristics of Split-Level Homes

Split-level homes offer a unique style of architecture for homeowners who want a larger house that doesn't take up any additional yard space. The staggered floors in a split-level home also mean that certain rooms are quieter, such as the home office or bedrooms. This home style uses space more efficiently and tends to offer more privacy than a single-story home where the bedrooms are on the main level. Keep reading to learn the most common features of split-level homes and why potential homebuyers should consider them.

What Does "Split-Level House" Mean?

A split-level house is designed so that short staircases connect different levels of the home. Whereas a typical two-story home might have a complete staircase to reach the second story, a

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Best Edmonton Neighbourhoods with Split-Level Homes

The Canada Mortgage and Housing Company (CMHC) started using the split-level housing style in the 1950s, causing a spike in popularity of Edmonton split-level homes for sale. Neighbourhoods that expanded during that time are likely to have some split-level homes on the market. Common characteristics of split-level homes include multiple levels that are connected inside the house by shorter half-staircases rather than a complete staircase that leads to the second floor. This style allowed builders to create larger houses that do not take up a larger footprint on the property's lawn.

For anyone looking to buy a split-level home in Edmonton, it's best to confine the search to neighbourhoods that originated or expanded between the 1950s and 1970s. Keep

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Design Ideas for Split-Level Homes

Split-level homes are unique in architectural style inside and out. First brought to the forefront of the real estate scene in the United States and Canada in the 1950s, split-level homes are variants of ranch-style homes and share common features. However, split-level homes differ because they tend to have three or four stories connected with short, half stairways. They also have dominating characteristics that include:

  • Low-sloped roofing
  • Large living areas
  • Sunken rooms
  • Integrated garages
  • Multiple attics
  • Basements
  • Natural materials for Interiors and exteriors

Keeping these concepts in mind, there are a few unique factors to consider when decorating one of these spacious yet interconnected homes. Be on top of the latest

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Best Edmonton Neighbourhoods with Bungalow Homes

The city of Edmonton is an incredible place for anyone to live. In this low-tax area, residents enjoy the lowest prices for gasoline and diesel in all of Canada. Each Edmonton neighbourhood offers unique qualities, making it a tough choice when figuring out where to settle down.

Those searching for a new property should consider bungalow-style homes. Popular across Canada, bungalows can be designed to suit many tastes. Keep reading to learn about four Edmonton neighbourhoods with beautiful bungalow-style homes.


The quiet Mayfield neighbourhood of West Edmonton is one of the most exceptional neighbourhoods in the city. Mayfield was named in honour of the famous aviator and World War I pilot, Wop May. Homes in this community occupy a

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What Sets Bungalows Apart From Other Architecture Styles?

Bungalow-style homes have a variety of influences that range from Prairie and California styles to Craftsman and Chicago-inspired architecture. Many neighbourhoods throughout Canada feature these lovely properties, and they have a few defining characteristics that are distinctive within the interior and exterior of the home. Read on to discover a few of the most common elements of bungalow homes that make them so appealing to buyers today.

Table of Contents

  • History & Stylistic Influences of Bungalows
  • Common Exterior Features of Bungalow Homes
  • Architectural Features Inside Bungalows
  • What Are the Most Appealing Features of Bungalows?
  • Don't Overlook Bungalows When Home Shopping

History & Stylistic Influences of Bungalows

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Things to Do With Dogs in Edmonton, AB

There are many things to consider before relocating to a new community. Those with young students will need to think about the school systems in an area, and workers must research career opportunities. However, not all cities offer dog-friendly amenities, so dog owners should select an area dedicated to pet-friendly options. Read on to learn about dog-friendly fun in the city of Edmonton, from dog parks to dog-friendly shopping, restaurants, and more.

Table of Contents

  • Best Neighbourhood Dog Parks in Edmonton
    • Terwillegar Park
    • Mill Creek Ravine South
    • Jackie Parker Park
    • Hermitage Park
    • Lacombe Lake Dog Park
  • Dog-Friendly Activities in Edmonton
  • Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Edmonton
  • Dog-Friendly Shopping in
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Design Ideas for a Bungalow

Bungalows are popular all across Canada, although their history can be traced back to India when they were used to house British troops. The style truly began to gain North American popularity around the late 1880s and was most popularized in California in the early 19th century. Bungalow style homes caught on with builders in Canada post-1910.

While there are many ways to design and decorate bungalows, there are a few tried and true tricks of the trade to maintain their authentic, charming feel. Keep reading to learn about a few bungalow design tips that will make any bungalow home feel cozy and authentic.

Look to the Craftsman Aesthetic

The terms "bungalow" and "craftsman" are often used interchangeably when referencing architecture and

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Edmonton Fun Facts

Known for its abundance of natural beauty, history, culture, and attractions, the city of Edmonton, Alberta, is designed for everyone's enrichment and pleasure. This lively Canadian community has a vibrant theatre scene, stunning architecture, tons of outdoor recreation, indoor attractions, and several professional sports teams.

There is an abundance of places to shop and dine near popular gated community homes and luxury condos, making Edmonton a great place to work, shop, and play for tourists and locals. While the city is known worldwide, there are a few fun facts about Edmonton that some long-time residents may be are unaware of. Keep reading as we delve into some fun facts about Edmonton that make it a standout city!

Edmonton Is One of

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Reasons to Live in a Golf Community

Living in a golf course community can be a thrill for those who love the sport. Not only do those who reside in these distinctive neighbourhoods have immediate access to opportunities to play the game, but they appreciate living near others who appreciate the links-focused lifestyle.

Golf course communities can also be a great place to live for those not into the game, as there are other perks for residents beyond the game itself. Here are five reasons why buyers can hit a hole in one by buying a golf course community home.

Golf Course Homes Offer Prime Views

This prime real estate offers homeowners immaculate views and scenic surroundings. Imagine glancing out the window and seeing players take on the challenge of gently rolling greens as

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Amenities for Golf Course Homes

Golf course communities provide the perfect balance of luxury living and recreation. These homes offer beautiful interior design and accessories, but every home can benefit from adding private outside amenities to provide a setting for relaxation and gatherings. Luxury amenities will also enhance the resale value of the property.

Handy homeowners will be able to install many of these amenities themselves. Still, consulting with a professional to understand product options and support services after purchase is always helpful. Because cold winters are typical in Canada, it is vital to consider energy-saving features and make specific components that will hold up during the winter months. Read on to discover five private amenities every golf course

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