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Schools and School Districts in Beaumont

In the city of Beaumont, Alberta—one of Edmonton's best suburbs—the education landscape is critical to the community's fabric. This city's schools and school districts are dedicated to providing nurturing environments and diverse learning opportunities. With a focus on student success and community involvement, Beaumont's public and private educational institutions each offer unique programs and resources. This exploration into Beaumont's schools will highlight the commitment to excellence in education, showcasing how these schools contribute to their students' overall development and well-being.

Public School Districts Serving Beaumont

The district serving Beaumont, Alberta, is the Black Gold Regional Division No. 18, or simply the Black Gold Regional Schools. This regional school district covers several communities south of Edmonton, including the town of Devon, Calmar, Thorsby, Warburg, and the Leduc community

Beaumont is an Early French Immersion community, which means that students at its public schools receive bilingual instruction in French and English starting in kindergarten and continuing through Grade 12. Full mastery and fluency in both languages is the goal for every student by the end of their public school education. Students who graduate from the public schools in Beaumont receive a dual diploma. 

There are 32 schools in the Black Gold Regional Division No. 18. The ones in Beaumont, in alphabetical order, are:

  • École Beau Meadow School (K–6)
  • École Bellevue School (Pre-K–6)
  • École Champs Vallée School (K–9)
  • École Coloniale Estates School (K–6)
  • École Dansereau Meadows School (K–9)
  • École J. E. Lapointe School (7–9)
  • École Secondaire Beaumont Composite High School (10–12)

The Black Gold Home-Based School is also located in Beaumont. This is a support school for homeschooling families with students in Grades 1–12. Parents have the option to work with a Teacher Directed program from grades one through nine. Homeschool families can educate their children in English only if they wish. 

Beaumont Private Schools

Private Schools Near Beaumont, AB

There are two private Catholic French Immersion schools in Beaumont. The Académie Saint-André Academy covers kindergarten through Grade 4, and the École Mother d'Youville School encompasses Grades 5–9. Some students who finish 9th grade at Mother d'Youville then enroll in the public Secondaire Beaumont Composite High School. The other option is to commute about 20 kilometres north to Edmonton's Kameyosek neighbourhood to attend Holy Trinity Catholic High School. 

Saint-André Academy is located in the northwest corner of Beaumont. It is situated in a neighbourhood of newer townhomes and detached single-family homes. Saint-André Academy allows students to begin French Immersion in kindergarten or first grade. Mass attendance begins for students in grades three and four, although students of any religious background can enroll in the school. Electives include music, choir, karate, drama, and religious instruction in all grades.

Mother d'Youville is in the south part of the city in a neighbourhood of single-family homes and condos. The school continues French Immersion for all students, along with the standard Alberta curriculum and religious instruction. Older students participate in the Leduc Athletic Association for Junior High Sports. Mother d'Youville has a wide range of physical recreation programs that all students can participate in, including activities like self-defense training at a local martial arts studio and kayaking in nearby lakes and ponds.

Colleges & Universities Near Beaumont

There aren't any colleges or universities in Beaumont, but there are several options available across Edmonton's best neighbourhoods, all of which are a short commute away. Canadian Imperial College is in Southwest Edmonton, about 20 minutes away from Beaumont. This is a newer private college that first opened its doors in 2019. Canadian Imperial is located on the campus of Taylor College and Seminary and offers undergraduate degrees in healthcare, business, education, and technology fields. It also provides several certificate programs in Asian cuisines, church industry training, social media marketing, and other subjects. 

Reeves College is a private vocational school located about 20 minutes north of Beaumont and provides several certificate programs for entry-level positions in different professional fields. These include paralegal, teaching assistant, graphic design, marketing, healthcare administration, accounting, and business administration programs. Most of the programs take a year or less to complete. 

The University of Alberta is about a 30-minute commute north of Beaumont into Edmonton, on the south side of the North Saskatchewan River. The campus is just across the river to the south and west of Downtown Edmonton. UA is a public research university with approximately 35,000 students enrolled in its bachelor's degree programs each year, and another 8,000 students in postgraduate studies. It has 18 different faculties that oversee more than 200 undergraduate programs and more than 500 graduate programs.

Educating Beaumont, Alberta

The schools in the city of Beaumont represent more than just educational facilities; they are pillars of the community, fostering growth and development in young minds. With a variety of educational options, Beaumont's school districts prioritize creating supportive and engaging educational experiences. For those considering this city as a home, the variation of its schools stand as a testament to the community's commitment to nurturing the next generation, making it an ideal place for holistic educational development.

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