February 2022

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Design Ideas for a Bungalow

Bungalows are popular all across Canada, although their history can be traced back to India when they were used to house British troops. The style truly began to gain North American popularity around the late 1880s and was most popularized in California in the early 19th century. Bungalow style homes caught on with builders in Canada post-1910.

While there are many ways to design and decorate bungalows, there are a few tried and true tricks of the trade to maintain their authentic, charming feel. Keep reading to learn about a few bungalow design tips that will make any bungalow home feel cozy and authentic.

Look to the Craftsman Aesthetic

The terms "bungalow" and "craftsman" are often used interchangeably when referencing architecture and

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Edmonton Fun Facts

Known for its abundance of natural beauty, history, culture, and attractions, the city of Edmonton, Alberta, is designed for everyone's enrichment and pleasure. This lively Canadian community has a vibrant theatre scene, stunning architecture, tons of outdoor recreation, indoor attractions, and several professional sports teams.

There is an abundance of places to shop and dine near popular gated community homes and luxury condos, making Edmonton a great place to work, shop, and play for tourists and locals. While the city is known worldwide, there are a few fun facts about Edmonton that some long-time residents may be are unaware of. Keep reading as we delve into some fun facts about Edmonton that make it a standout city!

Edmonton Is One of

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