December 2023

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Schools and School Districts in Beaumont

In the city of Beaumont, Alberta—one of Edmonton's best suburbs—the education landscape is critical to the community's fabric. This city's schools and school districts are dedicated to providing nurturing environments and diverse learning opportunities. With a focus on student success and community involvement, Beaumont's public and private educational institutions each offer unique programs and resources. This exploration into Beaumont's schools will highlight the commitment to excellence in education, showcasing how these schools contribute to their students' overall development and well-being.

Public School Districts Serving Beaumont

The district serving Beaumont, Alberta, is the Black Gold Regional Division No. 18, or simply the Black Gold

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Best Small Towns Near Edmonton

Exploring the best small towns near the city of Edmonton, Alberta, uncovers hidden gems rich in charm and character. Each of Edmonton's best suburbs and nearby communities has its unique appeal, from historic main streets to breathtaking natural surroundings. Immerse yourself in the distinct flavours of these small towns, each offering a unique slice of Alberta's cultural and natural beauty.

Bon Accord

Boasting its own school, arena, community hall, and local establishments like Chelsea's Pub and Restaurant, Bon Accord is a charming town located less than 40 kilometres from Downtown Edmonton. With fewer than 1,500 residents, the town consists of residential streets just off Highway 28 amid vast farmland. Home to essential amenities, Bon Accord is

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