June 2018

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How to Decide Which Home Buying Contingencies to IncludeReal estate clauses will vary slightly for each sale, but there are certain ones that will pop up again and again. While many are obvious standards to protect buyers from purchasing a proverbial money pit, the specifics of each clause are not always universally understood by all buyers. See how the common stipulations work, so the negotiation process can go smoothly from start to finish.

Offer to Purchase

The Offer to Purchase is where buyers make their demands known to sellers. It's not a standard document in that each offer is structured to fit the particular home sale. If the buyer is purchasing a home during the height of a seller's market, they may offer to pay for the property in cash without any conditions. However, most buyers will

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Your Guide to Home WarrantiesOftentimes the first time homeowners review the intricate complexities of their house warranty coverage is when they discover a major problem, despite having the policy since they purchased the home. Unfortunately, because this happens more often than most people understand, it is imperative for homeowners to review their coverage fully. Are home warranties worth it? Warranties not only vary by the company issuing them but also by the province they're issued in. To avoid unnecessary confusion, find out more about how they work so there are fewer unpleasant surprises down the line.

Not Every Part of the Property Is Covered

Not every part of your property may be covered, as certain housing warranty companies will only cover the building

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