July 2017

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Basic Guide to Home InspectionsWhat is a home inspection? Home inspections provide meaningful, valuable information for homebuyers thinking about investing in a fixer upper property. Still, at a cost of $350 to $550 per inspection, some home buyers consider skipping the inspection to save money. Knowing what to expect from a home inspection for your Northwest Edmonton home can help you decide whether or not one is needed for the property you'd like to purchase.

Consider the Results

A capable home inspector will reveal issues about a property that the homebuyer should consider before finalizing the purchase. In some cases, a property may need more time and attention than the homebuyer can realistically give, particularly on the budget of a first-time home buyer.

This may

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Tips and Tricks for Selling A Home

Although there are a lot of similarities between buying and selling a home, getting the experience of selling can be quite different. You want to make it as easy as possible when learning how to sell a home fast. These tips help you to know what to expect as you get ready to list your home for sale.

Choosing Who Will Sell the Home

The first thing a seller must do is decide who will sell the home. Most hire a real estate agent to do it for them, but you may be wondering how to sell a home without a REALTOR®. Friends and family might encourage you to do the latter, because you will save money on the agent's fees. However, this is a route that you should be wary of taking, especially if you are new to the home selling process. Your real

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