January 2018

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Flooring Options for Every Room of the HomeKnowing which kind of flooring is appropriate for certain types of spaces can be difficult to decide. Although many types of flooring could work just about anywhere, some materials are limited by the location of the home or the function of the room. With these options, Highlands homeowners can create comfort, elegance, or simply save money.

Hardwood for Dry Areas

Although hardwood is fast becoming the default choice for flooring in all types of homes, there are aspects that homeowners should know before they make the decision. Solid hardwood could last pretty much forever, especially with good care. The planks may be placed identically or in a pattern to achieve a custom look. However, hardwood must be installed carefully to avoid problems with

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When to Hire a Pro or Consider DIY ProjectsPopular reality home remodeling television shows make it look so easy to renovate even the shoddiest spaces on the quick. However, these ‘magical transformations' viewed over 60 minutes of air time don't give homeowners a very realistic view of what it really takes to get major renovation jobs done—financially or physically. However, those with a bit of DIY savvy, the right tools and enough ambition can accomplish quite a bit. Yet, there are still several projects that even the most serious amateur handyman should leave to the pros.

When to Hire a Professional for Home Renovation Projects

Certain home projects require special skills, heavy equipment, structural planning, permits and have several complex aspects. The following undertakings are

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