Mortgage Calculators

Our handy Edmonton mortgage calculators will help you plan your next real estate investment! Estimate your costs and find out how much you'll need to sell.

Rent or Buy Analyzer

Find out whether buying is right for you with our Rent or Buy Analyzer calculator. Simply input your current rental costs and find out if it's in your best interest to buy!

Maximum Mortgage

Curious to know how much you're likely to qualify? Use our Maximum Mortgage calculator to find out what you can afford.

Mortgage Analyzer

Budget for your monthly mortgage payments with our Mortgage Analyzer! We'll let you know how much you can expect to pay every month once your mortgage goes into effect.

Payment Analyzer

Your payment frequency has a direct impact on your ammortization length. Use this calculator to find out whether weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payments are right for you!

Pre-payment Analyzer

Hoping to reduce your ammortization period with a pre-payment? Find out how much even a little bit can help, with this Pre-Payment Analyzer.

Standard Calculator

This simple calculator allows you to predict monthly payments based on a home's sale price and your mortgage terms. Enjoy!