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Tallest Buildings in Edmonton, Alberta

Are you curious to know what the tallest buildings in the city of Edmonton are? From the iconic Stantec Tower to Encore Tower, Edmonton's biggest high-rises tower over the city and showcase grandeur. Want to learn more about these amazing buildings? Embark on a journey as we uncover the tallest buildings in this exciting city.

Stantec Tower

Tallest Skyscraper in Edmonton: Stantec Tower

You'll want to check out Stantec Tower, the tallest building in Edmonton. Reaching a height of 250.9 metres and soaring 66 storeys high, Stantec Tower achieved a height surpassing the JW Marriott Edmonton ICE District & Residences in 2018. 

Its impressive elevation makes it Canada's seventh-tallest building and the tallest structure outside of Toronto. It houses various retail spaces, office

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Edmonton Condo Communities

In the bustling heart of the city of Edmonton in Alberta, the skyline is graced with impressive condominium buildings that stand as testaments to sophisticated urban living. They aren't just about aesthetics; they also offer top-notch amenities, strategic locations, and a community vibe that appeals to homebuyers moving to Edmonton. As the city evolves, so do its living spaces. Whether you want to be close to downtown or have quick access to nature trails, one of the best Edmonton condos will surely satisfy your needs.

The Legends Private Residences

The Legends Private Residences are the epitome of elevated urban living in downtown Edmonton, with exquisite finishes and a pet-friendly atmosphere. 

Located at the core of the ICE District, the

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Edmonton Most Expensive Condos

The city of Edmonton isn't only famed for its vibrant cultural scene and captivating history, but it also contains an array of upscale real estate that rivals any cosmopolitan city. Among its standout features are the glittering high-rise condominiums dominating the skyline, offering luxurious living spaces with unparalleled views. These architectural marvels don't just provide a comfortable home — they offer a lifestyle filled with opulence and many amenities. Here are seven of the most expensive luxury condos in Edmonton, Alberta.

The Pearl

Built in 2015, The Pearl offers 128 luxury condos spread throughout this soaring 36-storey tower. It's a walk of only a few short blocks to the thriving 104th Avenue strip of shops, restaurants, and

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MacEwan University Best Neighborhoods

With a blend of academic vibrancy and metropolitan allure, the best neighbourhoods near MacEwan University present several options for students wanting to live close by for those looking for homes for sale in Edmonton. The strategic positioning of the university, surrounded by a diverse range of communities, makes for an exciting living experience. Accessibility, vibrant community life, and picturesque landscapes await in these Edmonton communities.


Oliver is approximately 1.2 kilometres west of MacEwan University, less than five minutes by vehicle or a 15-minute walk. Directly west of downtown Edmonton, it's a well-established neighbourhood with quiet residential and bustling commercial areas. Although development began as far back as the

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Best Neighbourhoods Near the University of Alberta

While navigating the real estate landscape around higher education institutions can be challenging, the University of Alberta in the city of Edmonton presents an array of promising neighbourhoods to call home. Each community has unique characteristics, local amenities, and diverse property options that make them top choices. Here's what to know about the best neighbourhoods near the University of Alberta, where academia and community living blend seamlessly.


Belgravia sits along the North Saskatchewan River just south of the University campus, bounded by Belgravia Road and 114th Street. This riverfront location provides some of the most incredible nature views and opportunities to enjoy unspoiled natural areas along nearby Edmonton

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Edmonton Economy Guide

The city of Edmonton, the capital of Alberta, has more than 930,000 residents. Situated along the North Saskatchewan River, it's the second-largest community in Alberta after Calgary. The metro area has an estimated population of 1.3 million, making it one of the most populated regions in Canada.

There's an incredible number of things to do in Edmonton, including shopping at the largest mall in North America, visiting the largest living history museum in the country, and enjoying the celebrations of Canada's Festival City. The city boasts millions of visitors each year, and many of them decide to move to Edmonton. However, before such a relocation, potential residents should consider Edmonton's economic background. After all, even the best of

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Best Walking and Jogging Trails in Edmonton

In addition to over 1,000 parks, the city of Edmonton has more than 160 kilometres of multi-use trails for walking, running, hiking, biking, and in some cases, horseback riding. This city is one of the sunniest in Canada, so plenty of opportunities exist year-round to enjoy these trails and other outdoor activities in Edmonton. Whether you're looking for a challenging hike or a quick walk for some exercise, here are six of the best neighbourhood trails in Edmonton, Alberta.

Whitemud Creek Trail

Whitemud Creek Trail is an easy 6.8-kilometre out-and-back suitable for all ages. It weaves through the Whitemud Ravine Nature Reserve 10 kilometres south of downtown Edmonton, close to the Aspen Gardens community and Ogilvie Ridge neighbourhood. The

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Best Suburbs Near Edmonton, AB

If you had the option to pay lower property taxes while still having access to world-class amenities, would you? That's a question many homebuyers ask themselves. The city of Edmonton has many wonderful qualities that make it a wonderful place to live. Edmonton's museums and parks are among some of the best in Alberta, yet those amenities come at a cost. In many places, homeowners feel the sting of property taxes, which leaves many prospective homeowners wondering, "Which suburbs have lower property taxes?" Fortunately, some of the best Edmonton suburbs are perfect for homebuyers who want to live near the city while reducing their cost of living.

How Property Taxes Are Calculated in Alberta

Among the many homeownership expenses, one of the most

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Edmonton Most Walkable Neighbourhoods

While Edmonton is Canada's fifth-largest city and Alberta's provincial capital, its neighbourhoods boast tremendous walkability for residents. With just under 990,000 residents, the city of Edmonton—known as North America's northernmost large city—has so much to offer. Energetic and multifaceted, Edmonton is a growing cultural and culinary arts centre. It's also a city steeped in history that yearns to be explored; one of the best ways to explore this culturally rich city is on foot, and where better to start than one of Edmonton's most walkable neighbourhoods?

Garneau: Stroll Into Edmonton's Past

Located in south-central Edmonton, Garneau is a well-known and highly-walkable neighbourhood outside Downtown Edmonton, overlooking the River Valley.

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Things to Do With Kids in Edmonton

Alberta is well-known for its natural beauty, rich history rooted in the oil and cattle industries, and vibrant professional sports culture. It's also one of the warmest provinces in the country. In fact, the Edmonton community, Alberta's capital, is often referred to as "The Sunshine City" because it receives more sunlight than many other Canadian cities.

With so much industry, spectacular nature, and mild weather, it's no surprise that Alberta attracts many families. Whether you live in Edmonton or plan to vacation in this buzzing city, you'll find heaps of kid-friendly activities in any season. Keep reading to learn about some of the best things to do with kids in Edmonton.

TELUS World of Science

TELUS World of Science in Edmonton, AB

There's fun for everyone at the TELUS

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