Moving to Beaumont, AB: 10 Reasons to Live in Beaumont

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Moving to Beaumont, AB Living Guide

Beaumont, Alberta, is a vibrant community offering a unique blend of small-town charm and modern amenities. This town, nestled just south of the city of Edmonton, presents an array of opportunities for those considering a new place to call home. Beaumont boasts low-cost homes and a growing local economy, making it an attractive destination for many. For those seeking a balance between quiet living and access to urban conveniences, Beaumont is an ideal choice. Discover what makes Beaumont not just a place to live, but a place to thrive.

10 Reasons to Move to Beaumont, Alberta

  • Fast-growing city with a lot to do
  • Outdoor activities to try
  • Many highly walkable areas
  • Plenty of career opportunities
  • Vibrant arts and culture scene
  • Shopping and entertainment
  • Lots of amenities with a small-town feel
  • Close to Edmonton for convenience
  • Parks and trails to explore
  • A variety of recreational facilities

Cost of Living in Beaumont

For anyone planning to move to Beaumont, Alberta, it's important to know that the overall cost of living in the area can be a bit lower than the national average. Housing, especially, is cheaper. In general, homes for sale in Beaumont are lower in price than many of the surrounding areas, so buyers can find beautiful condos, golf course homes, and other options for quality living that they'll really love.

Goods and services are a little more expensive than the national average, but residents can also travel to nearby Edmonton to select from additional options. The Beaumont area is perfect for those who want to live in an area with natural beauty that’s also close to a big city.

Depending on the specific goods and services someone buys and the utilities they use, they may find that living in Beaumont is typically less expensive than in surrounding areas. This is because housing is estimated to be 40% lower than the national average in Canada. With that significant difference, they can enjoy more of what Alberta has to offer and experience all the beauty of living in a place where they can really feel at home.

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Beaumont Job Market

Job Market in Beaumont

If you’re making the move to Beaumont and needing to find a job in the area, you're in luck. The unemployment rate is below the national average, and household income is significantly higher than the average throughout the rest of the country. 

Trades and transport is the biggest job category in the area, followed closely by sales & service and business & finance. The average salary for the area is around $72,200, or about $35 hourly. With lower costs of living in some of the largest categories, this salary can go far and give residents a comfortable experience. No matter what kind of job they want or what career they may want to transfer into, Beaumont will give new residents choices.

A large share of Beaumont’s employed residents live in Beaumont and work in Edmonton. Self-employment is also big in Beaumont, so new residents can bring their businesses with them from another location and find plenty of great employees to help it grow. 

Popular Industries in the Area

Some of the most popular industries are construction, wholesale trade, and manufacturing, with plenty of options in the local area. Retail and healthcare are other big industries and make up a large percentage of the workforce. Transportation, finance, and other professional services are additional industries that are popular in Beaumont. 

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Things to Do in Beaumont

Activities & Entertainment in Beaumont

There are many fun things to do in the Beaumont area. From outdoor options to the best restaurants, there are all kinds of activities to experience in and around Beaumont. Residents can get involved in their community or spend some time on their own, and they'll have lots of choices to consider.

Outdoor Activities

Hiking and camping are popular in Beaumont during the summer months. There are many beautiful spots to get outside in Beaumont, including Four Seasons Park, which has sports fields, picnic sites, and a lake stocked with trout for fishing. Winter sports are also popular, with skiing and snowboarding opportunities close by. No matter what time of year it is, there are many sports and adventures for Beaumont residents to enjoy.

Local Attractions

Beaumont is full of fun local attractions to enjoy. Painted Door On Main Gift & Gallery is a popular spot to shop, and the Escape Emporium is a fun place to try out an escape room. There are two golf courses in the area that are also enjoyable destinations for a game, a meal, and some shopping for golf-related gear. Whether visitors play the course or just go for the other amenities, both courses are well-maintained and provide plenty of value and a worthwhile trip.

Restaurants & Nightlife

Because Beaumont is so close to Edmonton, a lot of people travel there for entertainment, but that's really not necessary. There's so much to do right in Beaumont, making it easy to have a great meal, get some drinks, and have a lot of fun while staying close to home

Saigon Delights is a delicious Vietnamese restaurant to try out. Jef's Café is perfect if you’re looking for a cozy cafe, and Wild Wing Beaumont is a good casual spot to try. If you want to grab a drink, Little Woodrow’s and Five-0 Bar and Grill are both great places to check out. Beaumont is filled with fun places to get a bite to eat and hang with friends. 

Beaumont Climate

For anyone who loves the coziness of cool temperatures and gentle rainfall, Beaumont is a great place to live. Even in the driest month, February, residents can expect to get some rain, with total rainfall amounts for the year averaging around 503 millimetres. The city has a cold climate that's typical for its location in the Northern Hemisphere. Average temperatures generally remain below 0 from November through March.

The warmest months are in the summertime, starting in June and ending in September. Residents can expect to see the most rainfall in June, and the least amount of precipitation falls in February. In July, the temperature averages 17.5°C, and January is the coldest month with an average temperature of -10.3°C.

Many people who live in Beaumont love the colder weather and the mild summers. It's possible to be outdoors all summer, and heatwaves or other overly warm days are rare. The winters can be cold, but residents still get outside to do winter sports like skiing and snowboarding. With so much to do, you'll want to be out and about exploring, no matter what the weather is like.

Traffic in Beaumont

Highway 14 and Highway 2 are the main traffic routes in the Beaumont area, and commuters make their way along these roads every day. 50 Street leads north into Edmonton. Along with those larger routes, there are also many side roads and smaller roads that residents and visitors can use to get from one place to another. For anyone new to the area, learning the main areas and their traffic patterns can make navigating in and around Beaumont much easier and more convenient.

Traffic in the area is generally not too congested. There are many residents who commute to and from Edmonton for work, which means that weekday mornings and evenings can be busier on the road. Commuters driving from Beaumont to downtown Edmonton should generally allot at least an hour during the morning rush hour. 

During the weekends, the roads are usually easy to navigate, although the weather can sometimes cause minor accidents and delays. There are traffic cameras around the city, making it easy for residents to check on some of the larger roads before they head out to shop, dine, or go to work.

Alternative Routes

Sometimes, the main routes aren't the best choice due to traffic backups or road conditions. There are alternative routes around the city for residents to take during those times. Mostly this consists of taking side streets and moving through neighbourhoods to make their way to their destination. This can be especially helpful during commuting times since a tremendous number of Beaumont residents who have jobs work in Edmonton, increasing traffic on 50 Street. Nisku and the city of Leduc are also popular among the workforce, increasing traffic along Highway 625 to a lesser degree.

Beaumont Public Transportation

For residents who don't drive or who want to leave their car at home for the day, there are public transportation options. The Beaumont Transit commuter service operates at peak morning and afternoon times Monday through Friday and travels from the Ken Nichol Centre in Beaumont to the Mill Woods Transit Centre in Southeast Edmonton. There’s a stop in between at 50 Street and Ellerslie Road.

Commuters can then transfer to the Edmonton Transit Service (ETS) at Mill Woods. This includes the new Valley Line Southeast LRT, which runs light rail trains every 10 minutes from Mill Woods to downtown Edmonton from 5 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. during the workweek. The LRT also has service on the weekends, though the Mill Woods station does not have a park-and-ride. There are no bus services from Beaumont on holidays.

Service on this route began in September 2017 and was suspended in May 2020. Operations resumed in August 2021, and a contract for the service was given to PWTransit. Because of the size of Beaumont and the level of ridership, it's not feasible for the route to operate on a 24/7 basis or on the weekends, but it's very helpful to anyone commuting through the area during standard weekday travel times.

Transit in Beaumont helps reduce the number of cars on the road, and it’s a safe and efficient option for residents and visitors who need to get around the main areas of the city during the week.

Schools in Beaumont

Schools & Education in Beaumont

Beaumont is located in the Black Gold School Division. This school district is based in nearby Nisku.

Black Gold schools located in Beaumont include:

  • École Secondaire Beaumont Composite High School
  • École J. E. Lapointe School
  • École Dansereau Meadows School
  • École Coloniale Estates School
  • École Bellevue School
  • École Champs Vallée School
  • École Beau Meadow School

All seven of these schools offer French Immersion programs. There is also Black Gold Home-Based School and Black Gold Outreach for other educational options.

Catholic schools in Beaumont include Académie Saint-André Academy and École Mother d'Youville School, which teach grades K–4 and 5–9, respectively. The nearest Catholic secondary school is Christ the King School in Leduc.

Ready to Move to Beaumont?

Reflecting on Beaumont, Alberta, it's clear that this town offers more than just a place to stay—it provides a lifestyle. The town's blend of historical charm and modern facilities helps build a high quality of life. Whether you're drawn to its cultural richness or the convenience of its location, Beaumont is a community where you can flourish.

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