February 2016

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Families living in downtown Edmonton will know after the April 15 registration deadline whether a French Immersion is a “oui” or a “non”.

Parents have been lobbying the Edmonton Public School board for a French immersion program for some time.  If enough kindergarten students are pre-registered in the potential program at Oliver School, it will be a sure thing in September.

One of the parents that has been trying to get a French program near her downtown home is former public school trustee Heather MacKenzie.   She told the Edmonton Journal that she wasn’t too sure that she would be successful in getting a program while her daughter was still in school but felt it was an important undertaking for future students in the downtown core.  She also a

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The recently restored childhood home of Canadian writer Marshall McLuhan in the north east Edmonton community of Highlands is now open for public tours.

The beautiful 1,500 square foot cottage located on 64 Street was built in 1912 and is a wonderful example of Arts and Crafts architecture. It's original to the old neighbourhood, located at the crest of a small hill and was the home of Marshall McLuhan.

For those unfamiliar with McLuhan, who died in 1980 at the age of 69, he was a well-known Canadian writer, teacher, philosopher and intellect who coined phrases such as "the message is the medium" and "global village". He also predicted the advent of the Internet 30 years before it came into use.

The home in Highlands was actually designed by

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The price of gas is a moving target.  It changes with the seasons, it changes during elections and now it’s fluctuating because the price of oil has all but dropped off the map.

Pictures of gas station signage have been popping up online, taken by Edmontonians who wonder if, given the circumstances, it’s okay to actually be excited about paying less at the pump?

A good-sized pick-up truck, which Albertans love to drive, has a 130-litre tank. With some prices spotted at 56.9 cents a litre (compared with 61.9 in Calgary allegedly) a full tank could be as cheap as $74.00 (rounding up) compared with nearly $160.00 when regular gas was at its peak in the summer of 2014 in Alberta.

According to Statistics Canada, the last time gas at the pump dipped

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