April 2019

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Home Security Information for HomeownersAt some point or another, many homeowners must decide whether they should get a home security system. This decision can have a big impact on a homeowner's quality of life and might even help sell a home for more money. Understanding the differences between the major types of security systems, and knowing the benefits of each, can help you decide whether a security system is right for you.

Why Get a Home Security System?

Home security systems offer peace of mind to homeowners. After a break-in, many homeowners spend months or years trying to feel comfortable in their own home again. Home security systems can help prevent this problem from occurring, and can also help homeowners feel safe in their own home.

Some types of home security

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Avoid Health Issues with Mould Home RemediationIs it safe to live in a home with obvious signs of mould? From a musty smell to unsightly discoloration, mould should be a concern for any homeowner. Mould problems may even appear in new construction homes. While most people think they should only be concerned about toxic mould, the non-toxic variety can cause multiple problems for occupants and property owners. Understand why it is necessary to address mould in a home today.

The Surprising Health Hazard

According to Health Canada, mould growth that occurs indoors is considered to be a significant health hazard. Mould growth in a home has been related to asthma and respiratory allergy symptoms. Mould often occurs in basements and bathrooms, but can also develop in hard to reach areas such as

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