July 2021

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Things to Do in Edmonton

Edmonton is one of the entertainment capitals of the world. Lovingly called the Gateway to the North, this massive city is home to a range of activities that keep locals and tourists alike entertained throughout the year. Even with Candian winters, the activities in the Edmonton community manage to provide fun and excitement for all ages. It's no wonder that individuals from all over the world consider moving into Edmonton's new construction homes and lake houses to explore all the sights and sounds of this marvellous city. Read on to discover some of the many fun things to do in Edmonton.

Edmonton Outdoor Adventures

Several outdoor activities are available in every season. Whether one enjoys a simple stroll through a park or more exciting and

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Edmonton Cost of Living Guide

As the second-largest city in Alberta, the Edmonton community is a fast-growing star. The 2019 municipal census indicated a population of 972,223, a growth of almost 40,000 since the 2016 count. The city displays a strong economy and plenty of opportunities for new residents. Most importantly, the cost of living is generally much lower than in other areas of Canada, which may explain why nearly 3/4 of the regional population prefers to live inside the city itself.

In a cost of living ranking of North American cities, using a baseline index of 100, Edmonton places 33rd with an index of 149. That places the community on par with Dallas, TX, and Atlanta, GA. In contrast, Calgary, Canada, places 27th with an index of 153. On the other side of the scale,

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