April 2017

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Opportunists are laying in wait for the real estate market in Edmonton to heat up. There's a cycle of highs and lows, and we're due to start rising again. People looking to make a quick buck are attracted to a heated market and are waiting for the temperature to start rising again for Edmonton real estate.

Regular folks can also get caught up in a frenzy sometimes, as their home values rise and suddenly there's more equity in their home that they can invest in more real estate in an attempt to gain some ground.

Here's the Scenario

With so many new condominium developments around Edmonton in the pre-selling phase, it's tempting to buy more than one unit, put a 10% deposit down on each of them, and then sell when the project is completed. So, let's

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Hockey Canada has a plan to breathe new life into Northlands Coliseum.  It involves getting kids off screens and getting them active, two aspects of the argument for an exciting hockey academy idea put forward by Tom Renney, president of the Canadian organization.

Renney appeared before Edmonton City Council in mid-April as they debated the future of the former Rexall Centre which Hockey Canada would like to take responsibility for.  He said plans for the facility would help address today’s sedentary lifestyle among Edmontonians.

There have been at least 15 proposals put forward by a variety of groups, each with unique plans for Northland.  Edmonton council members voted during the April 8 meeting and agreed to start working with Hockey Canada in

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