May 2019

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Does Your Home Have Pet Damage? 4 Repairs You Need To CompleteIn Canada, about 67% of households own at least one pet—that’s millions of homes with furry, feathery, or scaly friends. That’s a lot of pets, and, as all pet owners know, a lot of potential damage that can be done to a home. When preparing to sell a home, it’s important to try to reduce as much of that damage as possible because buyers typically don’t like to buy homes, especially in a hot housing market, that require a lot of fixing unless they’re specifically looking for a fixer-upper. Here are some of the different damage types pets tend to cause and how to fix them.

Scratched or Stained Wood Floors

When dogs, especially big dogs, run through a home to chase after a toy, their nails can cause a lot of damage to floors. And in the event of

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