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Edmonton, AB History

Centrally located in Alberta, the Edmonton community is the fifth largest city in Canada and the northernmost metro area in all of North America (population 1,321,426). There are things to do in Edmonton all year round, which led to it being nicknamed the "City of Festivals." The city also has a rich historical heritage that Edmontonians are very proud of. Here's a closer look at the history of Edmonton for any history buffs who are thinking of relocating to the area.

First Residents of the Region Surrounding Edmonton

Bison in Edmonton Most archeologists agree that First Nations groups migrated into Alberta sometime between 3,000 and 12,000 years ago. Hunting moose and woodland caribou and extensive ice fishing made up the subsistence lifestyle of the peoples in

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Public Transportation in Edmonton

Buying a home in the city of Edmonton, Alberta, may enable a person to live in a vibrant big city. The Edmonton metro area is large, with over 1.4 million people calling it home. As a result, it's easy to see how a long commute home is likely for those working in the city. While traffic can be difficult in the city, several public transportation options are available that may make living here a bit easier to manage. For those thinking about buying one of the luxury homes in the area or purchasing one of the condos just going up, read on to gain insight into Edmonton's public transportation options.

Edmonton Transit Service

Edmonton Transit Service (ETS) is the most common option for getting around Edmonton by bus, light rail, and paratransit.

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Best Outdoor Activities in Edmonton

When looking for adventures, fun, and entertainment in the great outdoors, the Edmonton community provides plenty of options. Edmonton has activities to suit all ages, from a variety of hiking and biking trails for outdoor enthusiasts and quality golf courses for those who like to tee off to plenty of water activities to enjoy and calming walks in the park. Read on to learn more about fun outdoor activities available in Edmonton.

Water Recreation in Edmonton

Edmonton Water Recreation Destinations

  • North Saskatchewan River
  • Hermitage Park stocked pond
  • Fred Broadstock pool
  • Callingwood Park
  • World Waterpark

Swimming is a great way to cool off, and there are several places in Edmonton offering a refreshing oasis. Grab a

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Construction of Home Additions: What Owners Must Know FirstConstructing a Central Edmonton home addition is an ideal way to increase the square footage of an existing home for more storage or livable space. Home additions approached wisely can also increase property values, but failure to think things through from start to finish could result in a costly mess. Check out these tips for a streamlined project.

Hire Professional Contractors for Home Additions

Even homeowners who are master carpenters themselves should consider getting the assistance of designers, architects and professional contractors on board right away. There are just too many aspects of such projects for a complete DIY such as permitting, utility access, and ensuring the primary structure is suited for a home addition. Save time, money

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