June 2022

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Popular Home Builders in Edmonton

Home Builders in Edmonton, AB: Edmonton's Most Popular Home Builders Guide

From the West Edmonton Mall to the beautiful skyline, the city of Edmonton has much to offer. It's a modern city with exceptional greenspace, theatres, cultural experiences, and a solid financial district and economy. It may be best for those in the market for a new house in Edmonton to consider new construction properties. Edmonton's builders offer just about everything needed to create the perfect new house, from luxurious mansions to lakefront homes. Read on to discover eight popular home builders in Edmonton, Alberta.

Bedrock Homes

Since 1999, Bedrock Homes has constructed beautiful single-family homes throughout the Edmonton area. The company is a member of the

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Why to Buy a Condo Instead of a Single-Family Home

Those in the market for a new place to call home might be considering a condo – and there are quite a few reasons why this property type is an attractive option. Condos are more popular than ever, especially for those who want to downsize or have fewer maintenance responsibilities. Another benefit is that condos are often more affordable than single-family homes. Keep reading to explore five reasons to invest in a condo instead of a detached house.

Condos Are Less Expensive

According to Living in Canada, the median cost for a single-family home in Toronto was just over $2 million, while condos sold for an average of $950,000. Toronto homes tend to cost more than properties in neighbouring provinces, as the average price of freestanding homes in

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What Do You Own When You Buy a Condo?

Buyers looking for a place to call home often find condo living offers the lifestyle they seek. Aside from being an affordable option, owning a condo also comes with great amenities and community appeal that don't typically come with homes in other neighbourhoods. Before buying a condo, home seekers need to know exactly what they own and what they don't before signing their name on the dotted line. This way, there is no confusion or surprise regarding rights and responsibilities once the home is purchased. Read on to learn about what homebuyers own when they buy a condo.

Freehold Condominiums: How They Differ From Other Condos

In traditional condos, a third party handles all the maintenance and repairs, which many buyers find appealing. Freehold

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