May 2018

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When is a Roof Repai Suitable and When is Replacement the Best Option?There is a lot more to a home's roof that many may not realize. Trusses are covered by wood decking which is covered with an underlying membrane. There are valley flashings, chimney flashings, roof vents, drip edges, and more. When most people think about their roof, however, they generally only consider the roof surface, most often asphalt shingles.

This is the most visible portion of a roof that faces the brunt of the sun's heat, wind, rain, snow, and ice. Like most aspects of a home, repairs can become necessary due to age or damage that has occurred. How does a homeowner decide though, when a roof replacement is a better option to a repair? Here are the factors to consider.

Overall Age

A big factor to consider, when deciding whether a

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