December 2015

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Why wait for spring?

Flowers create fabulous curb appeal, especially tulips in the spring. They add a dash of welcome colour after a long and dreary winter. But why wait for spring when you can wave a magic want and have tulips blooming indoors anytime of the year.

It's called "forcing" bulbs, which means that you set up an environment that makes bulbs thing that it's growing season, when it's not. There are just three easy steps to make you forget that's really December.

Gather up materials, such as deep pots, potting mix (with no soil), a package of tulip bulbs and a watering can.

Not any tulip will do

It's important to choose the correct variety. Check the label on the package. You want a shorter-growing variety, and a variety that only

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Every community league in Edmonton strives to improve the life for citizens in their neighbourhoods. But one association is striving to improve life for the whole planet by investing in solar energy.

Evansdale Community League in North Edmonton is just like the other 158 community leagues in the city. It's run by a group of volunteers elected to the community board. They run the facility, renting it out when required. They run programs and social events for residents and engage in civic issues. But Evansdale is setting an example for all other Edmonton communities by investing in solar energy to run their building.

Installing solar panels on the roof of the building was part of a bigger project undertaken by the community. Volunteers fundraised

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