5 Best Parks in Beaumont AB: Playgrounds, Parks, & Trails

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Best Parks in Beaumont

Beaumont, Alberta, is a charming community with a rich Francophone heritage located less than 30 kilometres south of Downtown Edmonton. Plus, it's filled with an array of picturesque parks that enhance its community spirit. The parks and open spaces in the city of Beaumont offer a unique blend of natural beauty, recreational facilities, and serene spaces for relaxation. From sprawling green fields to well-equipped playgrounds, Beaumont's parks—all of which contribute to its status as one of Edmonton's best suburbs—are ideal spots for outdoor activities and community gatherings. Whether you're looking for a peaceful stroll, a picnic, or an active day out, Beaumont's parks provide the perfect backdrop for various leisure activities.

Four Seasons Park

Four Seasons Park is located in the southwest part of Beaumont. This large park has a wide range of activities for visitors to enjoy all year round, including a 2.4-hectare lake. It's stocked with trout, and people with a fishing license can fish from the shore. Ice fishing is also allowed here when the lake freezes over during the winter.

Aside from the lake, there are multiple baseball/softball diamonds, a sand volleyball court, a picnic and day-use area, concessions, restrooms, a playground, and several kilometres of multi-use trails for walking or jogging. A spray park that is open from June through August is located right next to the south parking lot. 

Parking is limited here when things get busy, especially during the warmer months. There's just one parking lot with about 50 spaces near the corner of 60 Street and 38 Avenue at the park's south end. When the public schools in Beaumont are on break for the summer, people can also park at the high school and access Four Seasons Park from the north. New construction homes surround the park, and many residents can simply walk out their back door to enter the park. 

Parc Canal Leblanc Park

Parc Canal Leblanc Park is located in the southeast part of the city, just blocks from one of Beaumont's outdoor ice skating rinks. This park has no dedicated parking lot, so visitors must find street parking or walk from their nearby homes or condos to access it. Several surrounding streets have a trail access point at the ends of cul-de-sacs that lead into the park. One example is on Lakeview Crescent. 

The park is located on 50 Street, and it has a large, grassy soccer field with nets provided. Some playground equipment is located in the northeast part of the park. Visitors can walk on the lovely trail along the reservoir's north side, and there are also benches for anyone who wants to sit and enjoy the fresh air. Note that there are no public restrooms here.

Parc Coloniale Park

Where are the Best Parks in Beaumont, AB?

Parc Coloniale Park is in the northern part of the Beaumont community in a neighbourhood of new construction homes and even a few luxury homes. The park stretches from Coloniale Way in the south to Township Road 510 to the north. 50 Street marks the park's western side, and there's a residential neighbourhood to the east. The reservoir in the park provides relaxing water views for many of the homeowners in this area. 

There is no dedicated parking lot at Coloniale Park, so visitors from outside the neighbourhood must find street parking nearby and then walk to the park. There is a beautiful paved bike trail that runs through the entire seven-hectare park.

Coloniale Park has a soccer field visitors can use. The only other amenities are the bike path and a fun playground that has a rock climbing wall. Multiple restaurants and fast food places offer takeout on the opposite side of 50 Street from the park. Grab a bite to eat at one of these spots, and go for a lovely picnic in Coloniale Park.

Gobeil Park

Though Beaumont can't compete with the size and number of great parks in Edmonton, parks like Gobeil Park pack a lot of fun into relatively small packages. It's just about three hectares in size, but it still has plenty of activities for locals to enjoy. The park is located at the corner of 50 Street and 55 Avenue in north-central Beaumont. It does not have a dedicated parking lot. However, on the park's south side, there is a shopping centre with ample space, so visitors can park there and walk in on a paved access trail. There are also access points from some of the nearby neighbourhoods. Street parking is also allowed on 55 Avenue on the park's north side. 

This park has a bike path and soccer fields available for anyone to use. There's also a fun skate park called Beaumont and District Lions Skate Park next to 50 Street, and it has plenty of ramps and obstacles for skaters to use. Next to the skate park, there's an enclosed space with tennis courts. These are free to use on a first-come, first-serve basis. In the shopping centre on the east side of the park, there are several places to eat, including an ice cream shop and a pizza restaurant. 

The Ken Nichol Regional Recreation Centre is on the opposite side of 50 Street from Gobeil Park. The Beaumont Farmer's Market takes place in the rec centre parking lot during the weekends in the summer months. 

Corner Park

Corner Park in Beaumont is located at the corner of 55 Avenue and 56a Street. It's two blocks west of Gobeil Park on 55 Avenue. This tiny neighbourhood park offers playground equipment and a picnic table. It's a peaceful place for visitors to have a picnic, kick a soccer ball around, or play fetch with the dog. Corner Park has no parking lot, but street parking is available. 

Directly across 55 Avenue, there is an additional small outdoor area called Promenade Park. It has a paved walking trail, some trees, a picnic area, and grassy fields for people in the neighbourhood to enjoy.

Getting Outdoors in Beaumont, Alberta

Beaumont's parks are not just open spaces but integral parts of the community, offering residents and visitors a chance to connect with nature and each other. Each park in Beaumont has its own character, catering to diverse interests, whether engaging in sports, enjoying quality time, or simply finding tranquillity. Residents, visitors, and anyone considering moving to Beaumont can enjoy the great parks easily and frequently. Beaumont's commitment to maintaining these green spaces ensures that everyone can enjoy the natural beauty and recreational opportunities they provide, making the town a more vibrant and enjoyable place to live.

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