3 Tips for Better Staging When Selling a Home

Posted by Edmonton Homes.ca on Thursday, April 19th, 2018 at 11:42am.

How to Create the Right Ambiance With the Right StagingNo matter how special a home is to the seller, a successful home sale always starts with seeing the home through the buyer's eyes. And the trends for Canadian buyers are clear—they're looking for practical touches over luxury when they start off on the buying process. The best way to offer home buyers the best view of any property is through good staging. Here are some effective methods to highlight a home's practical touches and biggest selling points.

Start Outside

Hedges, fences, yards, flower beds—buyers have a tendency to make their first impression carry them all the way through the rest of the showing. If the outside is a mess, it sends a strong message to the buyer that the seller is either willing to part with their home for practically nothing or that they should run while they still have the chance. Good home landscaping, such as an updated front stoop, a walkway lined with flowers, and a fence with a fresh coat of paint are all relatively inexpensive steps to make the outside look a lot more welcoming.

Staging Questions

Upstairs laundry units, hedges or fences, big closets, formal dining rooms, fireplaces: these are just some of the features that sellers may want to highlight. Staging these areas effectively can help bring more attention to the best parts of the home as a way to encourage buyers to start their bidding. Cashmere throws near the fireplace, a big table in the dining room, and closets that are about halfway to three-quarters full will all draw the buyer's eye to the benefits they're looking for. It may not be strictly necessary for a seller to get their asking price (or above), but it certainly couldn't hurt.

Go the Extra Mile

No one is immune to the scent of a pie in the oven or a cup of fresh hot chocolate on the counter. These little touches all take some extra effort on the part of the seller, but they're not difficult to accomplish. Even a small water fountain in a foyer can set a calm and inviting mood of potential buyers immediately. Choose neutral colors whenever possible to give buyers a chance to imagine their own decor in the Beaumont home.

The home selling process can be a tiring one, but there are plenty of rewards for those who approach it with a little logic and a lot of heart. Buyers want to know that their new home was loved and cherished, and the right staging done prior to a home showing will tell a very compelling (and truthful story) about the home's history.

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