4 Tips for Home Showings

Posted by Edmonton Homes.ca on Thursday, September 21st, 2017 at 9:37am.

How to Stage a Home to SellIn terms of selling a home, the way it shows to prospective buyers can make the difference between someone displaying more interest or marking it off their list of possibilities completely. Many of the tips below require a homeowner to look at their home in an objective light. Indeed, the ability to put oneself in the shoes of a buyer is a good mindset to be in when gearing up for a home showing.

1. Put Away Personal Items

Many homeowners find it difficult to part with or move their personal belongings out of the home in order to show it, especially if they are still living in it. It can even seem to make a bit of sense not to do so because it might show prospective home buyers how their personal items could look in the house. Most experts agree, though, that leaving religious items and family pictures hanging on the walls can do just the opposite and make it difficult for buyers to visualize themselves in the home.

2. Clean

Cleaning might seem like an obvious task that needs to be completed prior to a home showing. In many cases, though, a cleaning that would suffice for everyday living is not going to be thorough enough to pass muster with people who are interested in seeing all the ins and outs of a home. This is another instance in which being objective comes in handy. The home seller should ensure that the little things are taken care of in their Glenora home when it comes to cleanliness: check rooms that aren't used often for dust bunnies, empty all trash cans on the day of the showing, wipe up the water spots and toothpaste from the bathroom counter and dust in hidden places like recessed lighting.

3. Watch Out for Smells

During a home showing, a house that smells clean is a must. Pets, cooking and musty odors can make a potential home buyer feel like the home is less desirable. The home seller should focus on airing the house out as much as possible prior to the home showing. Remove items such as litter boxes, pet food dishes and blankets to ensure that no questionable odors linger. Instead of using strong spray deodorizers or products like plug-in air fresheners—which can draw attention to any odor issues—opt for things like the smell of baking bread or simmering cider instead.

4. Check the Temperature

Being frugal on utilities is high on many homeowners' list as a way of saving money. When it comes to showing a home to a home buyer, though, it's better to make sure that they will be comfortable rather than trying to save a few dollars. Make sure the temperature in the home is appropriate for the season but with a caveat. Rather than setting the thermostat as they normally would, the homeowner should adjust it slightly upwards or downwards so the HVAC system doesn't kick on during the showing. Some heating and cooling systems can be loud, which could deter buyers.

The above four tips are just some things that homeowners might not think about when it comes to showing their home in the best light. For best results, a home seller should contact a real estate professional for more advice specific for their particular home and region.

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