Split Level Homes in Edmonton: 4 Neighbourhoods to Explore

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Best Edmonton Neighbourhoods with Split-Level Homes

The Canada Mortgage and Housing Company (CMHC) started using the split-level housing style in the 1950s, causing a spike in popularity of Edmonton split-level homes for sale. Neighbourhoods that expanded during that time are likely to have some split-level homes on the market. Common characteristics of split-level homes include multiple levels that are connected inside the house by shorter half-staircases rather than a complete staircase that leads to the second floor. This style allowed builders to create larger houses that do not take up a larger footprint on the property's lawn.

For anyone looking to buy a split-level home in Edmonton, it's best to confine the search to neighbourhoods that originated or expanded between the 1950s and 1970s. Keep reading to learn about four Edmonton neighbourhoods known for their bi-level homes.

Forest Heights

Construction of the Forest Heights neighbourhood started in about 1940 and was complete by the end of the 1970s. During that timeframe, many split-level style homes were built in the neighbourhood. The Forest Heights boundary is the Saskatchewan River to the north and west, 98th Avenue in the south, and Wayne Gretzky Drive NW in the east. The average prices for Forest Heights real estate range from $400,000 to $600,000.

Homes built on the north and west boundaries of the neighbourhood are likely to have great views of the North Saskatchewan river valley. The Dawson Bridge leads from the neighbourhood almost straight into Downtown Edmonton. The Capilano Bridge to the northeast is the quickest access for commuters heading to North Edmonton. Aside from the views of the river, the Riverside Golf Course that borders the neighbourhood is a major nearby amenity. It's an 18-hole public course near the riverside, hence the name.

For shopping, Forest Heights residents have two options close to the neighbourhood. Downtown Edmonton is a few minutes' drive directly west, and a large shopping center is located directly to the east of the neighbourhood. The storied history of Forest Heights makes it one of the best neighbourhoods in Edmonton.


Most of the home developments in the Glengarry neighbourhood were built starting in the 1960s, so this is another location with some split-level homes available. 137th Avenue and 132nd Avenue make up the north and south boundaries of the neighbourhood. Its boundaries are 82nd Street and 97th Street, respectively, to the east and west. Glengarry homes for sale usually cost between $200,000 and $400,000.

More than half of the homes in Glengarry are single-family homes, including some split-level houses. A significant feature of the Glengarry neighbourhood is the large and centralized Glengarry District Park. The park is filled with walking trails and has playground equipment and a spray park for children. The neighbourhood has two schools within its boundaries, and three right across 132nd Street from the neighbourhood.

The Northgate Centre Shopping Mall is conveniently located in the northwest sector of the neighbourhood. It has three large grocery stores and dozens of smaller specialty shops.

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Rio Terrace

Most of the single-family homes in the west Edmonton neighbourhood of Rio Terrace were built in the 1960s, including several split-level style homes. Split-level homes are a solution to building on steeper lots, which explains their popularity in many hilly, sloped neighbourhoods near the river. Rio Terrace is situated between 149th Street and 156th Street to the east and west. The northern neighbourhood boundary is along 78th Avenue, and the southern boundary is Rio Terrace Drive. Rio Terrace homes for sale can cost between $800,000 and $1.1 million.

All of the 501 homes in the Rio Terrace neighbourhood were single-family residences during the most recent community survey. Houses in the southern part of the neighbourhood have great views of Fort Edmonton and the Saskatchewan River. Opportunities for outdoor recreation are abundant in Rio Terrace. Rio Park runs along the neighbourhood's western border, along with the Patricia Ravine off-leash dog park and the Westridge Wolf Country Club. There is a community playground in the neighbourhood and one elementary school. Shopping for Rio Terrace residents is just a short drive away up 156th Street, at the Meadowlark Health and Shopping Centre.


Parkview Has Split-Levels with River ViewsSome of the split-level homes in the Parkview neighbourhood are so expansive and offer such great views of the river that they fall into the luxury category. Parkview is just four miles from Downtown Edmonton and is one of the most desirable neighbourhoods in the city. Some of the newer construction homes in the neighbourhood are luxury homes. The western boundary of the neighbourhood is 146th Street, and the eastern boundary is Valleyview Drive. The southern boundary is 87th Avenue, and the northern boundary meanders along 148th Street and Park Drive. Parkview real estate prices start at around $1 million and can go upwards of $1.5 million.

Many homes in the eastern part of Parkview feature great views of the Saskatchewan River. The Edmonton Valley Zoo is located directly south of Parkview. Residents have easy access to the many walking trails through Buena Vista Park, which runs along the riverside in this part of Edmonton. The Parkview Community Playground is another lovely green space that is centrally located in the neighbourhood. Parkview has both an elementary school and a junior high school within its boundaries. The Meadowlark Health and Shopping Centre is just a few minutes' drive directly west of the neighbourhood.

Discover Split-Level Homes in Top-Tier Edmonton Neighbourhoods

These four neighbourhoods in Edmonton offer the best opportunity for a buyer to find a split-level home, often with a great view of the river. That's primarily due to when the neighbourhoods were developed, which was the most popular time for split-level construction. Once you've found the perfect property, all that's left is to decorate your split-level home in a style you love.

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