Walkable Edmonton: 8 Walkable Neighbourhoods in Edmonton

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Edmonton Most Walkable Neighbourhoods

While Edmonton is Canada's fifth-largest city and Alberta's provincial capital, its neighbourhoods boast tremendous walkability for residents. With just under 990,000 residents, the city of Edmonton—known as North America's northernmost large city—has so much to offer. Energetic and multifaceted, Edmonton is a growing cultural and culinary arts centre. It's also a city steeped in history that yearns to be explored; one of the best ways to explore this culturally rich city is on foot, and where better to start than one of Edmonton's most walkable neighbourhoods?

Garneau: Stroll Into Edmonton's Past

Located in south-central Edmonton, Garneau is a well-known and highly-walkable neighbourhood outside Downtown Edmonton, overlooking the River Valley. Established in 1912, Garneau is part of the city's historic district and is one of the area's oldest neighbourhoods. Garneau is named for the former Manitoba Metis rebel Laurent Garneau, who settled in the area with his family in 1874. The area developed into a residential neighbourhood before World War I and is still among Edmonton's best neighbourhoods.

Garneau real estate offers an eclectic blend of historic homes and thriving commercial spaces. This neighbourhood has an array of restaurants, cafes, and shops along streets with well-maintained sidewalks. It also has many different parks and schools, adding to the area's appeal. With an overall population of just under 7,000 residents, Garneau is a tight-knit community within the city, with plenty of spaces for pedestrians and cyclists.

Garneau Amenities

  • Garneau Park
  • University of Alberta Hospital
  • Timms Centre for the Arts
  • Garneau School
  • The Hexagon Board Game Cafe
  • Heeretea Dongxi Tea
  • Metro Cinema
  • Presotea Coffee & Tea

Queen Alexandra: Vehicles Not Required

Reasons to Live in Queen Alexandra, Edmonton, AB

Situated in Southcentral Edmonton between 104th and 109th Streets, Queen Alexandra is one of the city's most beloved neighbourhoods. Queen Alexandra homes for sale are an ideal blend of residential and commercial developments, many of which date back to World War II. The neighbourhood comprises single-family homes, condos, and low-rise apartment buildings, as well as various shops, businesses, and amenities. This neighbourhood is the home of the University of Alberta, as well as many of the city's parks and green spaces, including Queen Alexandra Park. Queen Alexandra is also home to Polar Park Brewing Co., one of the area's most popular microbreweries.

This neighbourhood also has many schools, recreational centres, and some of the city's best restaurants and specialty stores. With just over 4,600 residents, Queen Alexandra is one of the city's most sought-after neighbourhoods. In addition to its pedestrian-friendly sidewalks and walkways, Queen Alexandra is one of the city's best neighbourhoods for cycling, with many designated bike lanes. Queen Alexandra has a walkable score of 73 and a bike score of 92, making it one of the best neighbourhoods to ditch the car.

Queen Alexandra Amenities

  • Queen Alexandra Park
  • Queen Alexandra Community League
  • Rollie Miles Athletic Grounds
  • Zen Sushi & Grill
  • George S. Hughes South Side Arena
  • La Bosco Bakery & Cafe
  • Tipton Arena

Strathcona: A Pedestrian Paradise

Located in South Central Edmonton, Strathcona is one of Edmonton's premier neighbourhoods, with some of the city's most scenic sites and stunning homes. Dating back to 1912, Strathcona is an established neighbourhood bordering historical Whyte Avenue to the south, Saskatchewan drive on the north, and Mill Creek Ravine North to the east. Old Strathcona has over 600 businesses, including restaurants, and shops, many of which are located on Whyte Avenue. Strathcona is also home to many of the city's theatre venues and festivals, including North America's largest Fringe Festival. One of the neighbourhood's crowning jewels is Old Strathcona's Farmer's Market, where local farmers and business owners sell fresh produce.

While the neighbourhood's roots date back to pre-World War I, most of Strathcona's homes for sale were built between the 1960s and the 1980s, featuring nearly every type of property imaginable, from mid-rise condos to stately historic homes. With its well-kept streets and sidewalks, Strathcona has a walkable score of 78 and a bike score of 87, making it ideal for walkers and cyclists.

Strathcona Amenities

  • Queen Elizabeth Park
  • Nellie McClung Park
  • Old Strathcona Farmer's Market
  • Fumaca Brazilian Steakhouse
  • MEAT (Barbeque Restaurant)
  • DaDeO's Diner & Bar
  • Dorinku Tokyo
  • Boulangerie Bonjour
  • Route 99 Diner

Edmonton's Supremely Walkable Downtown

Reasons to Live in Downtown Edmonton, AB

From its parks and museums to numerous shops and restaurants, Downtown Edmonton has many attractions for pedestrians to explore. At the core of Edmonton, the Downtown neighbourhood represents the pinnacle of the Walk Edmonton initiative, and most of the area's popular sites can be easily reached on foot. Downtown Edmonton is home to some of Alberta's best museums, art galleries, and sports arenas. In addition to its recreational venues, Downtown Edmonton is home to many of Alberta's government offices, including civic, provincial, and federal organizations. Downtown Edmonton encompasses 97th Street on the east, 109th Street on the west, 105th Avenue on the north, and Rossdale Road on the south.

Compared to many Canadian cities, such as Toronto or Montreal, Downtown Edmonton is quieter than other downtown cores. Still, Downtown Edmonton's homes for sale are ideal for people who like to walk or bike. Downtown has a walkable score of 86 and a bike score of 75, setting the standard for many neighbourhoods to follow.

Downtown Amenities

  • Louise McKinney Riverfront Park
  • Art Gallery of Alberta
  • Royal Alberta Museum
  • Edmonton City Centre
  • CRAFT Beer Market Edmonton
  • Riverside Bistro
  • MacEwan University
  • Campio Brewing Co.
  • Rogers Place

Central McDougall: Get Your Steps In

Ideally located north of Edmonton's Downtown Core, Central McDougall is an established neighbourhood. The Royal Alexandra Hospital, one of the city's oldest medical institutions, is located at the neighbourhood's northeastern border. While the neighbourhood's origins date back to 1899, Central McDougall's status as a residential area took hold in the 1930s, when the community began to develop more.

Prices for real estate in Central McDougall are generally lower than in the rest of the city, making this one of the most affordable neighbourhoods in Edmonton. The real estate market offers a variety of home styles for prospective residents, including low-rise condos, mid-rise condos, townhouses, and single-family houses—all just minutes from Edmonton's Downtown Core. It's also a hub for public transportation and other alternative modes of transportation, including walking and cycling. Central McDougall has a walkable score of 77 and a bike score of 81, which is a fantastic score for any neighbourhood.

Central McDougall Amenities

  • Central McDougall Park
  • Royal Alexandra Hospital
  • Prince of Wales Armouries
  • Ukrainian Museum of Canada
  • Victoria School
  • Habesha African Market
  • Padmanadi Vegan Eatery & Restaurant
  • The Lingnan
  • Boulders Climbing

McCauley: Ideally Located

Reasons to Live in McCauley, Edmonton, AB

Conveniently located north of Downtown Edmonton, McCauley is one of the city's oldest neighbourhoods, with a rich heritage dating back to the early 1900s. Named in honour of Edmonton's first mayor, Matthew McCauley, this neighbourhood was first developed in 1908 and has seen revitalization in recent years. While many of the area's historic homes are still intact, some were demolished to make way for contemporary architecture. The McCauley real estate market is an eclectic blend of historic charm and modern style, with a mix of residential and commercial properties throughout the area.

McCauley's accessibility is bolstered by the neighbourhood's access to Edmonton's Light Rail Transit service. Today, residents can walk or take the LRT to the area's great restaurants, as McCauley is among the best culinary neighbourhoods in Edmonton. McCauley also has many churches, schools, and parks within its boundaries. McCauley has a walkable score of 89 and a bike score of 85, making it one of the most pedestrian-friendly neighbourhoods in Edmonton.

McCauley Amenities

  • Commonwealth Stadium
  • Joe Clarke Athletic Grounds
  • Kuya Allan's Lechon Pinoy
  • Noi Thai Restaurant
  • Hoa An Restaurant
  • Golden Bird Restaurant
  • Sorrentino's Little Italy

Alberta Avenue: Superb Sidewalks

Set in North Central Edmonton, Alberta Avenue is a unique neighbourhood that showcases the rich history of Edmonton dating back to Pre-World War I. This eclectic neighbourhood has been revitalized recently and is a favourite among artists and new homebuyers. Alberta Avenue, located just minutes from Downtown Edmonton, is one of the area's most walkable neighbourhoods with tree-lined streets, well-maintained sidewalks, and diverse architecture. Alberta Avenue homes for sale are surrounded by bustling shops, churches, schools, cafes, and restaurants—all of which are extremely walkable. At the heart of Alberta Avenue is the Edmonton Public Library at Sprucewood.

Alberta Avenue is home to some of the city's best restaurants with various cuisine options, including Chinese, Japanese, Ethiopian, and more. Some of the neighbourhood's most popular restaurants are OTTO Food & Drink and Green Onion Cake Man. Alberta Avenue also has a robust public transportation network, making driving optional in this dynamic neighbourhood. Alberta Avenue has a walkable score of 80 and a bike score of 70.

Alberta Avenue Amenities

  • The Aviary
  • Belge Cafe
  • Golden Fork Restaurant
  • Taste of Shangrila
  • Samosa House
  • Bete Africa Ethiopian Restaurant and Bar

Parkdale: Go For a Walk in the Park(dale)

Reasons to Live in Parkdale, Edmonton, AB

Located east of Alberta Avenue and north of Downtown Edmonton, Parkdale was established in the early 1900s, making it one of the area's most historic neighbourhoods. A truly unique neighbourhood, the Parkdale real estate market offers a blend of many different home styles from charming bungalows to more contemporary builds. Parkdale also has a mixed population of homeowners and renters, with a variety of single-family homes, townhomes, condominiums, and apartment complexes within its boundaries.

While the community was founded in 1908, most of the homes and businesses in the area were developed between 1910 and 1950. Since its development, Parkdale has remained a residential neighbourhood; it has, however, many commercial areas, including Rexall Place and the Commonwealth Stadium. Parkdale is also home to many lush green spaces and nature trails overlooking the North Saskatchewan River. In addition, Parkdale has many public transit options and cycling paths for its residents, making it an ideal neighbourhood for those who'd rather walk. Parkdale has a walkable score and a bike score of 78.

Parkdale Amenities

  • Parkdale Cromdale Community League
  • Edmonton EXPO Centre
  • West Gate, Exhibition Lands Racetrack
  • Edgar Millen Park
  • Selasi's Grill
  • Liberian Cuisine On Wheels
  • Koultures Afro-Continental Restaurant

Walkable Neighborhoods in Edmonton

People moving to Edmonton will be delighted to find that this dynamic city is best explored on foot, from the stylish shopping districts to the beautiful city parks. With so many walkable neighbourhoods, residents and visitors are taking to the streets and trading their vehicles for walking shoes. Each of these dynamic neighbourhoods has a distinct personality and rich story. The best way to get better acquainted with these neighbourhoods is to explore the shops, marvel at the architecture, and stroll the sidewalks. With Edmonton's walking initiative, more and more people can get to know their neighbourhoods better while improving their health.

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